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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumor: MS to release Xbox Gamepass and Published titles on Switch

MS is really really smart. Xbox is Competing With PS but MS is Competing With Google.
Since Google wants to come into the Gaming world and have shown already their streaming capacity its Just the best move for MS to Look into the Future and stay AS a Service with a Few exclusives to be different from the Other streaming Plattforms. Neither Sony and obviously Not Nintendo has the Power to Back this Up with alot of Money and losses. Google has. The Future will be PS with its own machine vs Nintendo + MS Stream. MS will make the biggest Profit from this Deal. This is Genius.

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Even if it is limited this is still a pretty big deal if true, but it just sounds so unlikely

Mar1217 said:
I'm only interested in the idea of native ports (with physical copies) of some of their games, beyond that I'll never touch their Gamepass stuff knowing I'm not interested in the idea of streaming.
If there's an actual collaboration in the first place ...

This is still a rumor btw.

Cool. Tell me how It was to watch John Wick 3 in VHS.

melbye said:
Even if it is limited this is still a pretty big deal if true, but it just sounds so unlikely

Gameinformers imran khan Just wrote about it yesterday after the leak.

Don't know if this has been said already but everything has been CONFIRMED by, n°1 video game website in France.
Cuphead and Ori confirmed, available to download on switch and one game between Forza, Halo or Gears of War. All of this in 2019.


2 new xbox consoles will be presented at E3 2019 hitting shelves in late 2020 with Halo Infinite as the launch flagship.

The journalist leaking these news also says that E3 2019 wil have another huge announcement from microsoft that he can't disclose for the moment.

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JRPGfan said:
shikamaru317 said:

The report specifically mentions Ori and the Blind Forest as a possibility for direct porting to Switch. Some other possibilities that might make sense for Switch imo:

-Rare Replay
-Super Lucky's Tale (already rumored for Switch by another source)
-ReCore (developed by former Metroid Prime devs)

Thats nuts.... why even own a xbox at this point then?
Its like MS doesnt care where you play their games anymore..... why not just go multi-plat then?

Whats next? Halo,gears,forza also on PS4?

Yes why do People bis Amazon firesticksticks Like crazy If they can Just use their smart TV or Phone.

Kerotan said:
BlackBeauty said:
Remember when Nintendo was supposed to go “third party” a couple years ago.

Whew child how the times have changed.

Yeah looks like MS were the ones to fall under pressure and not Nintendo. They are currently outsold about 5 to 1 WW by the ps4 and Switch so if they give people less reason to buy their own hardware itself sales won't be too healthy. I can see a point where MS are out of the hardware business and their games are played on ps5, switch, pc and mobile. Sony will be relieved to have one of it's main competitors on the hardware side gone. 

I dont understand how a company aiming for bigger and better things is considered falling.. can you explain to me how you see this as falling? 

Is Steam falling because there Steam Boxes failed? Or is Steam one of the biggest gaming services going around?

couchmonkey said:
The war is now over streaming services instead of hardware and streaming is a race to capture subscribers.
I did some investigation las5 month, and the world of streaming is all about trying to build the biggest market, profits be damned. Netflix makes a tiny operating profit compared to other entertainment companies and hides the cost of all it’s original content as capital expenditures. Spotify can’t make a profit even with something like 150 million subscribers.
My conclusion is these businesses will eat “losses” for a decade or two until the competition is weeded out even while they slowly raise prices or add advertising to their products. Netflix is cheaper than cable now, but add a couple more streaming services and watch them increase prices by $1 every year and we’ll see where we land.

Yea, the "successful" streaming services (which afaik never made any profits) all are huge loss leaders. I doubt Sony will adopt the same philosophy/strategy and try to maintain atleast a small operating profit on PS Now. I expect them to rely on the strength of their IPs to attract consumers instead of super attractive pricing. The next ~decade will show whether or not that will work out for them.

Ori and the Blind Forest, Cuphead, Rare Replay on Switch! I'm so on board with that!

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Whoa..this could be huge if it's true!

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