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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If they make a Kingdom Hearts 4 for the love of the seven drop Goofy an Donald from the main cast.

If they drop something from the game I hope they drop the gummy ship sections and the whole Nobody side of things.

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I wasn't a big fan of theirs in the first one but KH2 has so far been a lot better for me. Still got a ways to go before starting KH3 but there are times where I'd rather keep it as just the three of us instead of the supports the game forces into my party.

I actually wouldn't mind seeing them dropped in favor of seeing Riku and Kairi as party members, but I highly doubt that will happen. Thankfully, I also don't mind Donald and Goofy, they can be a bit annoying sometimes, but they're mostly good.

Just play the spin-offs, a lot of them doesn't have both.
I like their participation in KH1 and 2, haven't had a problem with them on 3 so far.

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I would like to have no party members and just go solo like in BBS. But I don't even know if I want to continue on.

danasider said:

Sounds like this just isn't the game for you.

I personally loved them as characters. Seeing Goofy jump up and down after a coliseum win had me laughing every time.

But that's the point of the series. You had to buy into the Final Fantasy meets Disney thing, but a lot of people couldn't take it seriously. I don't know why, because Final Fantasy is cornier than Disney, imho, and I love both franchises.  

I guess not. I literally have no desire to play it unless I am with my kids and they are watching. 

If they had made the game more a traditional RPG I would be all in. For instance instead of locking characters to stages (Hercules, Woody, Buzz, Rapunzul, etc) let me build a party with them. Make a story about all of these characters banding together. Donald and Goofy while I think they are fine in their original roles in their cartoon just do not work for me in these games. 


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Ugh, no they need to just reboot and have Disney hire to write a fairly simple, concise and emotional impactful story (which incorporates Donald and Goofy more). This franchise has fallen so far from its commercial potential because it’s plagued by the convoluted, aweful story telling that dominates most Square Enix games.

SE has had the lead for the last 20, I’d really like to see Disney call the shots next time and SE just act as an executioner that brings their additional visual flair and gameplay experience along.

They will have to make the other 10 versions of KH3, so I think Half Life 4 will be out before Kingsom Hearts 4 is.

When Kingdom Hearts first launched i absolutely loved it. I was more familiar with all the Disney characters than i was with Square/Final Fantasy characters so i never complained about Donald nor Goofy and i beat the game. I played and finished the PS3 HD remaster last year and i noticed how atrocious the world design is, it's really bad especially the Tarzan level while Tarzan being me favorite Disney movie no wonder i always got stuck or lost when playing as a kid.

But yeah still a good game!