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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Senran Kagura Producer struggling with censoring and expects things to get worse

I do feel bad for them, it is really an interesting move to censor things Japan using North America standards for it.


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The irony if things start releasing on Nintendo instead because of censorship elsewhere.

S.Peelman said:
The irony if things start releasing on Nintendo instead because of censorship elsewhere.

He would come back home, the series started on the 3DS

I don't understand why Sony wants the game to be PS4 exclusive and yet they're forcing the developers to censor it, just let them make it for Switch.

It's really sad to see that games like Senran Kagura get censored, but the AAA games with nudity and extremely graphic depictions of violence are just fine. I think people are much more sensitive against anything sexy these days? Anyways, this is not a good thing.

We as fans have been telling Sony that this is not what we want, but they seem to think that they're doing the right thing. All they're doing is hurting their consumers and the developers, literally nobody wins or gains anything when these games are censored.

As it has been said many times, these stupid censorship standards won't help anyone. People who would complain don't even buy these games anyway.

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The thing I took away from this is that Sony feels the need to moneyhat games like Senran Kagura

I guess it's time for Nintendo to BUY SENRAN KAGURA


My vote for SWITCH as well as some have implied at the very least.

Put it on Switch and Xbox.

shikamaru317 said:

Article doesn't want to format on VGC so here is the link and I will summarize it:


This might help from

Senran Kagura 7EVEN original idea being reconsidered due to sexual content regulations

Takaki worried about worldwide strengthening of regulations.

In a new interview with Inside Games, Senran Kagura producer and Honey∞Parade Games president Kenichiro Takaki discussed the current status of the August 2017-announced PlayStation 4 title Senran Kagura 7EVEN.

“It seems the original idea we had imagined [for Senran Kagura 7EVEN] would be impossible to release,” Takaki said. “So we’re redoing, or rather reconsidering, everything about the game.”

This was part of a response to a question from the media regarding Takaki’s thoughts on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s strengthening regulations on the presentation of sexual content. Takaki said that this trend of regulations is not limited to PlayStation, but will spread around the world to affect every platform and genre. With this trend arriving sooner than expected, Takaki expressed his concern. “Right now, I’m really worried about what to do.”

Asked if the increasing strictness of sexual depiction on PlayStation 4 might result in the series shifting mainly to PC, Takaki responded, “It is not impossible. Considering the genre and its niche nature, it would be tough to make the game only for PC. The PC has a lot of realistic shooters, so hmm… If we can do that we will, but a lot is uncertain right now.”

A release window for Senran Kagura 7EVEN has not been announced.

Thanks, Games Talk.