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Forums - Sales Discussion - SUPER EXTREME BOLD PREDICTION - Switch will sell 30m units in FY 2019 (April 2019 - March 2020)

tbone51 said:
AlbiNecroxz said:

Animal Crossing, YoKai Watch 4, Pokemon are the best blockbusters for Japan market only, all three at the same level there. If Game Freak does it right Pokemon 8th Gen could be a HUGE system seller WW, even more how much the series did in the past (we also know Pokemon is the most profitable franchise in the world, above Star Wars and Hello Kitty). Animal Crossing is one of the most important franchise in Nintendo's history, alongside Zelda, Mario (3D, 2D and Kart) and Pokemon, and I see how much this title is anticipated. Said this we don't know so much of Nintendo's 2019 games, they might come up with other games or price cuts or even cheaper bundles, who knows. PlayStation and Xbox wil be down YoY and that could bring people that bought a PS4/XboxOne in the past two years to buy Switch this year.


You're right about I haven't provided any sort of reasoning, and I'm sorry for that, I forgot to write this in the OP, shame on me

Like i wrote in my post, a ton of things have to happen. In Japan it would have to top 3ds best year and by far. Its defintely possible but would need to be closer to DS prime year. 


AC has a huge chance to outshine in terms pf system sellers but thats because its demographic is different from what switch audiences is now imo.


Pokemon Gen 8 would need to be a bigger deal than Sun/Moon and every gen outside of gen 1 is. Gamefreak can do this as a huge jump ala BotW can happen but as a pokemon fan im still worried cuz Gamefreak takes the safest route for its games (pls openworld pokemon lol)


And Price Cut and Revision has to be a hit (well price cut is automatically an already known factor). Revision im not sure what they can do yet 


At the very least we all acknowlege you have SUPER EXTREME BOLD in the title cuz thats what this is. Chances of this happening are so low but i wouldnt put it at 0%. I put it just under 2 maybe 3% :P


Like i said, they need to overachieve many boundaries for a 30mil ship FY. If they manage to pull that off we would have a system that hit close to 70mil in just 3 years. Thats insane xD

3% it's better than nothing ;P


I know people don't trust GameFreak becaus of USUM and LGPE and they have strong reasons to assert that, we have to wait for the next Pokemon Direct


Even if Switch will sell ""'"only'""" 25m, that would put the console at least 60m units sold in 3 years and that would already be insane XD

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If they cut price, release Pokemon + Animal Crossing, 25 Million+ can happen.

I doubt they cut the price though.

Extreme and bold. Sounds like you just need one more awesome word and you can market the next extremely bold Doritos!


Now that's some juicy stuff. What are you gonna do when you inevitably end up wrong?

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You're no tbone. So no.

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