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Forums - General Discussion - Circumcision - Yes or No?

I have a baby boy on the way. He should be here within the next week. So, the wife and I have to make a decision about whether to have him circumcised. As an American male born in 80s, I am circumcised. Most Americans are.  My understanding is that about 60% of newborns are circumcised in the US at this point, but the percentage of those born to American parents is much, much higher.  My wife is Croatian though. In Croatia, circumcision is not common.  If I hadn't brought the subject up, I don't think it ever would have crossed her mind.  Even so, she does not seem to have a strong opinion for or against. I think she's really just as confused as I am.

Philosophically speaking, I am opposed to circumcision. It is essentially a cosmetic surgical procedure done without the patient's consent. The health risks and benefits seem to be just about a wash. There are little if any benefits to circumcision, and few risks.  There is greater than zero risk, which I guess counts for something. But it's just not very much.

The only thing that has me even considering having the procedure done on my son is the fact that circumcision is the norm here. Kids can be cruel, and I don't want my son to be embarrassed or subjected to ridicule based on the appearance of his penis.  On the other hand, that seems like a pretty stupid reason to perform a cosmetic surgery on a newborn.

Anyway, the wife and I may need to make this decision in a matter of hours, certainly within a matter of days. I know that we have varied viewpoints on this site, from people from around the world. So, I'd like to know what everyone thinks. Thanks in advance for participating in the discussion. 

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Circumcision is gradually become less common, even in the US.
I wouldn't circumcise your son. If he feels that strongly about it, he can get circumcised at an age where he gives consent.

Unless you have health reasons, or simply it is something that you choose to do to yourself (not someone else), no one should be getting circumcised. It is an archaic practice.


It is/was common in Canada as well. I'm originally from Europe though and we declined, our 2 boys are still intact.

Absolutely do not circumcise your son. It is an outdated practice that make no more sense than female circumcision.
If you are really still confused about what to do, as mentioned already above, your son can always get circumcised later if he wants. But if you circumcise him he can't undo it later.

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Yeah I don't even know how this is still a discussion.

Circumcision has no real benefits, is virtually impossible to reverse, permanently impacts sexual pleasure, and really only exists for the sake of tradition.

If you don't circumcise, keeping your kids dick clean is as simple as teaching him 'peel back the skin and clean it' (Promise it's not hard), it can be circumcised later in life if he so desires, and the decision that will effect his sexual experiences the rest of his life is left to him.

There's literally no reason to circumcise at birth unless there's a genuine medical emergency.

Edit: Also, why the fuck does it matter what other boys think of your boy's dick? Kids are cruel no matter what. Your kid could have a mole on his elbow and kids will tease him for that. I'm still curious why you expect to have your kid just whippin' it out and showing everyone. Absolutely baffling argument is that. 

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Yeah, don't do it.

Don't do. In the majority of the world only the guys that have phimosis do it. Let him have the possibility to choose if he really wants. Probably as the majority of people that are not circumcised during childhood he will also choose to not do. You (and him) will never forgive yourself if something bad happens during the surgery now.

PS.: I really think that circumcisions are so common in U.S. because medical doctors push it in order to make more money. Circumcisions are, indeed, not free.

Completely up to you. There are religious and philosophical reasons, but the medical field also has some to say about it. 


Circumcision makes it easier to stay clean and reduces the chances of disease. However, that still can be mitigated by simply washing regularly.


Good article with some good info on the medical side.


Philosophically speaking, that's a personal decision.