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Yeah I don't even know how this is still a discussion.

Circumcision has no real benefits, is virtually impossible to reverse, permanently impacts sexual pleasure, and really only exists for the sake of tradition.

If you don't circumcise, keeping your kids dick clean is as simple as teaching him 'peel back the skin and clean it' (Promise it's not hard), it can be circumcised later in life if he so desires, and the decision that will effect his sexual experiences the rest of his life is left to him.

There's literally no reason to circumcise at birth unless there's a genuine medical emergency.

Edit: Also, why the fuck does it matter what other boys think of your boy's dick? Kids are cruel no matter what. Your kid could have a mole on his elbow and kids will tease him for that. I'm still curious why you expect to have your kid just whippin' it out and showing everyone. Absolutely baffling argument is that. 

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