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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I am underwhelmed by my 4K TV and maybe X1X already has the GPU power for 9th gen.

So I got a good deal on a Vizio 4K TV, which I was mostly motivated to buy for use with my Xbox One X.

However, after spending time with numerous games I don't see a significant disparity over 1080p on my 50 inch screen. I genuinely feel the X1X alone was already a huge improvement on a 1080p screen due to improved resolutions, super sampling, graphics settings, etc.

Even when I'm playing games that allow a switch to 1080p or 4K for performance reasons, I do detect a little more sharpness but its not that significant. Maybe I'm just not focusing on the presentation enough to appreciate it.

However I'm not suggesting games going above 1080p is a waste of resources and just a bunch of hype. Because I feel the benefits of super sampling are actually great on a 1080p screen. I think the games I appreciate the most with a resolution boost is actually BC content, because they originally had low resolutions with lousy AA and AF. Meanwhile the extra clarity of 4K in modern games is nice for those who appreciate more than I do. Also, most games are built for base consoles so X1X can easily go north of 1080p and sometimes 4K with ease.

When it comes to next gen though, I don't feel like we need a push for 4K. I think pushing better visuals next gen at 1080p-1440p with good AA and 60 fps would actually be perfectly acceptable for most consumers. I know some people here can still tolerate drops down to ~480p... but I still think hitting 1080p at a minimum should be a goal.

There is a rumor MS's 9th gen Xbox will have a budget and premium model. In theory, maybe MS could make a budget box with the GPU power at par with X1X or a little better, with a Ryzen CPU much more capable of 60 fps in modern games and at least 16 of RAM dedicated to games. I think that would actually be fine for 9th gen games. Essentially, if MS could do that while aiming for $299 that could actually give MS a price edge while giving people the ability to play 9th gen content at a modest price.

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Only 4K is not enough. You need HDR executed by high end local dimming. Did you get a Vizio Quantum series? Else difference on same size won't be significant.

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Which distance is between your eyes and your TV?

What Chroma subsampling to you use on your Xbox One X for 4k?

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I do not notice much difference, if any compared to 1440P. But then again, mine is likely a shitty downscaled 4K image.

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Depends on TV size and viewing distance.

Given that 1080p to 4K UHD is biggest jump in resolution (4x in pixel count) we've seen since games went 3D (for example, this gen bump is 2.25x), my sentiment is that using GPU resources on 4K is complete waste for next gen, especially if guesstimated 14-15TFLOPS is all that we're getting (yeah, FLOPS are not everything)...for that resolution jump and keeping the same relative boost in GPUs over previous gen we should be looking at around 22+ TFLOPS (yeah, FLOPS are not eveything)...and that's just not going to happen.

OP did you go online and adjust the settings of your TV for games? You have to turn the tint, color, and several other things in order for 4K to look good. Most TVs have a way to set up a custom game mode, for the display so you get the best effects. Also, you may be sitting too far away from the TV. Anything past ten feet is too far away.

Need more information on panel sizes, panel type, distance from panel, connection method and so on to really make a proper assessment on whether 4k is going to be a decent jump for you.

Xbox One X likely does have the GPU power for a low-end next-gen console, it's the other aspects where it certainly falls short though.

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I think there will be increasingly diminishing returns with every new jump in pixel count. There's only so much that the human eye can appreciate. Full HD to UHD already comes across as a minimal improvement with most people, it seems.