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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - SSB Ultimate: Lackluster Single Player Modes?


Do you feel Single Player Modes are lacking?

Yes 7 22.58%
No 24 77.42%
Didn't notice a change 0 0%

Yeah, I can see where you're coming from. With only WoL (being worth 2-3 playthroughs most), classic mode, and the other modes (still haven't tried them), it does look lacking. It feels weird not having break the targets or homerun contest, but I don't think I played them aside from doing challenges. It's likely most people never really played these extra modes, so that may be why they were removed from the game. They were nice extras but I'm certain most people buy the series for the multiplayer fun. I do wish there was a Melee style adventure mode though.

Also, if the spirits did have their usual extra info on them, I wouldn't mind the switch to essentially stickers. But the text is missing, and that's a real bummer. I would have loved to learn more about the more obscure spirits.



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I'm not entirely sure why there seems to be such a divide about the game's singleplayer content. They cut a lot of the chaff (home run contest and other silly mods like the target test from 4 and the trophy rush), removed the terrible Smash Tour and mediocre Smash Run, and merged Event Mode with a variation on Subspace emissary.

There's really only two major singleplayer modes (World of Light and Classic Mode), and both of them are great. Classic mode is by far the best it's ever been, and while I do admit that I miss the platforming sections and the connective tissue that was the cutscenes from Subspace Emissary, I think that what they did here was refine and coalesce multiple modes and features into what I feel makes a lot of sense in the context of the world.

IT's not a perfect game but it's easily the most fun to play solo of the entire series. The original, Melee, and WiiU/3DS were not great to play singleplayer modes outside of Event Mode, and while I personally loved Subspace I think that's a mixed bag, too. So no, I don't think this has lackluster Single Player modes, I think it's a well-refined version of the best singleplayer content available.

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As far as some of the extra event modes like break the targets, if they are going to keep being terrible like after Melee, I don't really want them back.

Classic mode is definitely the best we got so far, if for the next games we get smaller rosters, I would like them to focus on making more boss fights, maybe one or two per franchise if possible, because this has a lot of potential, specially for some odd omission given models of the likes of Metal Face and Black Knight being already there to use.

And personally, World of Light is everything I wanted it to be, I loved every second of it, I have no complains, all the special maps, the nods and references, the spirits and their fights, the final battle, I just enjoyed it so much.

And I'm quite fine with the spirits, I'm 100% sure if we still had trophies, Sagi, Milly, Style Savvy and the like would be left without one, so I'm cool with jpegs since it means it can tap on a ton more gaming history and the more obscure games. I was so happy when I saw Circle of the Moon spirits for Castlevania.

So in general, it may not have as many modes, but is pretty much the most consistent fun I had with Smash Bros. so that is better in my eyes.

After 30 hours of World of Light, completing all the characters' journeys through the best Classic Mode in the series, plus the countless hours I spent on the Spirit Board trying to get all the spirits I can? Hell no.
I easily spent more time with Ultimate's Single Player content than Melee and Brawl.

Where was this thread when Smash 4 was released? That was the game that had lackluster single player content. Smash Tour and Master/Crazy Orders were definitely not my cup of tea. Classic Mode was also a disappointment.

As for Ultimate, The omission of Stadium Mode is unfortunate, but everything else is fantastic. I clocked nearly 30 hours in World of Light, and each character having their own route in Classic Mode (which is the best version in the series, imo) is awesome.


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When something like Subspace Emissary Mode comes back to Smash, so will I.

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Haven’t completed it yet, but I like the World of Light mode.

I got bored of Smash 4 after a few days, I've been playing Smash Ultimate every day for the past 3 weeks. Safe to say which I prefer :P

Have to respectfully disagree. Personally i love spirits board and the adventure mode. Multiplayer is fantastic as always.



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