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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 15 December 2018

Pretty good numbers

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PS4, first two weeks of December USA


Adjustments are coming.

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FIRST console since the Wii to do this and Sony haven't tasted this since the PS2. I believe it's hit 90m faster then the ps2 as well. Next stop the big 100!

Very nice numbers! Switch is on FIRE!!! XB1 doing great in US and the PS4 just trucking along!

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Switch will close the year with +30 MILLION! AAAAA .... personal where is that topic comparing sales of PS4, ONE AND SWITCH?

Prediction: Nintendo Switch sells 100 million until the end of 2021


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didn't expect switch doing better in europe than ps4

JulioMadeira said:
Switch will close the year with +30 MILLION! AAAAA .... personal where is that topic comparing sales of PS4, ONE AND SWITCH?

Right, haven't seen that topic in a while :(

PS4 had ridiculous great deals in Europe in December so it might be undertracked there

colafitte said:
Well it looks like switch is going to do a little bit better than I expected. Instead of being around 16-16'5M it seems is going to end in the 16'5-17M range for 2018.

PS4 is still doing fine and on pace of ending around 18'5M.

Has there ever been two home consoles selling more than 15M each the same year?

Fantastic result for both.

XBO ended doing fine and it will be close to 8M at the end of the year.

Good results overall (of course all this analysis based prior any adjustments if necessary).

I might be wrong but VGC has it at 7.01m from last week so with this week it should be at 7.51m. It could be close to 9m with the next 2 1/2 weeks left of tracking.

PS4 has been adjusted down in the US and in-turn the rest of North America for December 8 and 15. 

New PS4 figures in the US:

Dec 8 - 228,520

Dec 15 - 236,620

New PS4 figures worldwide:

Dec 8 - 785,784

Dec 15 - 803,717

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