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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Soulja Boy Consoles has generated $2m in sales in the last two weeks.

jason1637 said:

The consoles launched on the 6th iirc so this is pretty good for him. We might have another competitor join the console race.

No chance that's what you got. 

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StriderKiwi said:
I remember hearing years ago that Soulja Boy was begging his Twitter fans to donate to him because he was broke.

If that was true, then all of this just looks desperate.

I never understood why he stopped at the few singles he had. He was ludicrously popular way back when, and then he just dropped off the face of the earth. Not sure why he didn't just decide to, you know, MAKE MORE MUSIC, THE THING HE'S KNOWN FOR after he pissed his fortune away, but then again, nothing about this indicates an above average IQ.

That's the music industry.  One day you're hot, the next you're not.  That's why we have a thing called one hit wonders.  Artists either fall on two side of that term.  Either they were actually talented, but for some reason or another people only listened to them for that single hit.  Or they are untalented and just got lucky with a single hook and most of their other work sucks.

Damn time to cooperate with the Chinese and create my sOuya Boy console.

why people is buying crap??

Next time people wonder why companies crack down and send out C&Ds to protect their IPs remember it's because of fools like this if they were to give people an inch you'd have a hundred more people trying nonsense like this.

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lol good read



Shit for brains has another new new handheld, and this one, at least cosmetically, is a total ripoff of the Vita.


Article contains link to the product, which has some fascinating bullet-points, my favorites, being

- HD 480x272 screen

- Material: Plastic

- SALE $99.00 $200.00 ( The same, non-branded device sells for under $30 )


What neither the article, nor the product description tells you is that this thing, AGAIN, has Nintendo ROMs on it ( Sega ROMs too ). If dumb dumb was lucky enough to somehow escape Nintendo's fury with his last batch of consoles, you'd think maybe he wouldn't go right back at this s*** ever again, let alone only weeks later.

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

PwerlvlAmy said:
Whats funny is hes just selling a console that already exists. There's literally the same exact product on Amazon thats cheaper and hes taking it and re-selling it a higher price xD

A fool and his money...

COKTOE said:

Shit for brains has another new new handheld, and this one, at least cosmetically, is a total ripoff of the Vita.

If at first you don't succeed!


Also, at the price

Everyone here is clearly racist. Keeping a black man down.

has he recently had a fall? been in an accident and not reported it? Someone should definitely sign him up for some impact and concussion monitoring.

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