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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Best 360 console exclusive besides the Halo/Gears/Forza Trinity


I choose...

Witcher 2 6 10.71%
Alan Wake 12 21.43%
Splinter Cell Conviction 0 0%
Lost Odyssey 20 35.71%
Shadow Complex 1 1.79%
Project Gotham Racing 3/4 3 5.36%
Left 4 Dead 1/2 6 10.71%
Crackdown 1/2 1 1.79%
Other 7 12.50%

The Left for Dead series most certainly. I love the co op feature the most. I overly enjoyed playing with my friends and family. I wish we could get a 3rd installment (yes I know the Valve joke). This is why party chat was so great! Games like this. Surprised it never hit PS systems tho.

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Alan Wake for sure, it's far from perfect but I absolutely adore it.

I'd say Kameo was my favorite, but on the list above Project Gotham Racing was a special one to me. It's why I love racing games, and it's successor Forza. Of course Forza is an amazing alternative, I just miss the tracks and the feeling of playing PGR 5.

I buy my Xbox 360 just to play Lost Odyssey (I want a remaster for next xbox)
Dust An Elysian tale was a fantastic game ( This have to be BC en Xbox one)

Fable 2, followed closely by Witcher 2 and Lost Odyssey.

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Definitely Lost Odyssey.

Fable 2 and Alan Wake are notable.

But from a gameplay perspective I love Crackdown. Virtually no story, fight bosses in virtually any order, colleting orbs! Its an easy game to get hooked on because you just jump in and play.

I wish they would port Crackdown 1 and 2 to X1 with split screen co op. It would be a blast. Or maybe an online mode where they drop like a hundred players in the city with nothing completed. You all just work together and clean the city in a single session.

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witcher 2 and left 4 dead 2

Lost Odyssey with Alan Wake being a close second place.

Final Fantasy 11

Or Lost Odyssey as other people call it. I'll always consider it the next FF game after FF10 though. It's certainly the only one worthy of the name since then!

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