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Where are you from?

North America 41 31.06%
South America 16 12.12%
Africa 2 1.52%
Europe 55 41.67%
Asia 6 4.55%
Australia 4 3.03%
Antarctica 1 0.76%
I'm from a little island ... 7 5.30%
finalrpgfantasy said:
Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean.

That's 2 of you so far. Small island or not, still part of the USA. 51st state one day.

Hmm, pie.

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United States of America, Tennessee, Nashville.

Nogamez said:
Ka-pi96 said:

If you claim to speak for the majority then I'm sure you can back it up with proof?

Pretty sure you could find the proof yourself, just a quick google search finds loads of articles and studies  such as

I really dont think you need my help to find proof mate 


I was going on the basis that I had some degree of faith in the intelligence of british people. But if so many of them deny basic facts... welp, I guess my faith was misplaced.

Germany, Europe

Europe, Germany, Bavarian Forest.

I guess you can call me a bavarian Hillbilly
I enjoy living here, I love nature. We have a slight drug problem in our region,in particular crystal meth, but It's not better in big cities either.

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ninjapirate42 said:

Newfoundland, Canada for me.


Rogerioandrade said:
pastro243 said:
Santiago, Chile

Summer right now, it's very hot

Hey... (this has absolutely nothing to do with videogames)... but I´m really looking foward to the Pan American Games in your city in 2023.

I was dying to go to Peru next year but unfortunately I won´t be able to...

Great, I sometimes follow them but I've never though about travelling to see them. 

The only bad thing for you is that Santiago is expensive, at least compared to Lima 

Australia, unfortunately 

If you require alcohol to have fun, then you have a problem

I'm from Córdoba, Spain

Nogamez said:
Flilix said:

That doesn't make any sense though. You're European, that's an objective fact.

A lot of Belgians wouldn't consider themselves Belgian, but that doesn't change the fact that there's 'Belgium' on their identity card.

Are their really alot of Belgiums who dont consider themselves Belgium? Yes i realise that britian is indeed in Europe, however as myself and the majority of britian dont identify as European, i voted for ' a small island nation"! Im sorry if you find my stance difficult to understand. Yes technically im European. But if there another option on a poll that fits myself better i'll choose it ok? 

Well, maybe not now anymore, but 10 years ago the country almost imploded. Just for context, the country is split in 2 between the french-speaking Walloon and dutch-speaking Flemish, and Brussels is likewise split between the 2 (plus a small German-speaking community from territories given to Belgium after WW1). (which basically foreshadowed what was about to happen) It took over 500 days to form a government after 4 unsuccessful tries before the last one which ended the crisis, more than doubling the former record (249 days, Irak 2010) What almost happened due to this

Oh, and the inhabitants of Belgium are Belgians, not Belgiums ;p

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