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Forums - Sales Discussion - Smash Bros Ultimate is the best selling individual game of 2018 on Amazon

Title says it all. While it is the highest selling single platform game of the year, this does not mean that it sold more than games like RDR2, since it is over 2 platforms. Individually, it did outsell them though. And that is pretty impressive when both combined it's an over 100 million users installbase compared to Switches installbase of about 23 million-ish.

Also in the article: "Further, according to the fine folk over at Amazon, not only is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the best-selling video game of the year so far, it's the best-selling video game product, which takes into account accessories, hardware, and even digital store cards, the latter of which tends to dominate the Amazon best-seller lists."

However, it is just Amazon as impressive as it is. I am very excited to learn about how much it sold these past 3 days.


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Wow, congrats to Smash... I think this is one of the few games where I've managed to put in over 20 hours in less than 2 days. (I got the achievement on saturday). Looking forward to seeing how much this goes on to sell lifetime and how the competitive scene will look

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Is this american Amazon, or worldwide data?

Anyways, apparently Smash did well in the UK too, not only on Amazon:

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I think this has not been done since 2012, ever since Digital Cards became some what necessity for some gamers to protect themselves from their console being hacked type situations.

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Mnementh said:
Is this american Amazon, or worldwide data?

Anyways, apparently Smash did well in the UK too, not only on Amazon:

I'm not sure exactly, but I think US only.

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Looks like it is well on its way to being the best Smash of all time. It seems exclusive games on Switch are breaking all kinds of sales records. A lot of this probably has to do with the fact that due to the hybrid nature of the console, many adults who loved gaming but have trouble finding the time can jump back into the hobby naturally with Switch. This means that these sales are being driven by more than just long term Nintendo fans, which leads to potential growth opportunities for the brand as a whole.

And we still do not even have half of the 3DS userbase. The conjoined nature of both handheld and home console is likely to focus sales as well, and push sales to new heights as well for lifetime sales. It is already outpacing what Smash 4 did for WiiU and 3DS combined, so as more people make the jump from 3DS to Switch sales should keep momentum going forward, making this another big evergreen title for Nintendo.

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History is in the making! Amazing job Nintendo!

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