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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Note Mistaken for School Shooting Warning -_-

The fact that the website even says ''Its understandable'' in relation to people thinking it was a school shooting warning makes it even more cringe.

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Eagle367 said:
This is more indicative of what a mess the US is right now where children and teachers are afraid of the smash logo. The government does NOTHING. They should hold up banners saying "DO SOMETHING" and area he protests every ,ontj instead of only when school shootings happen. They should really do something whether it's mental health or gun control but they do absolutely positively nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada!


Apparently a simple note saying On 7 December it’s time to [logo] means people’s minds go straight to school shooting.

Reminder to please keep politics and things of that nature out of the thread please. We have a section for that.

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Lol. Ridley Daisy.

really, this situation can be boiled down to a teacher overreacting and not using common sense to address the situation. they could have taken 2 seconds to ask a student what the symbol was and then just do a google search to confirm it. but no, they put the whole school on red alert

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CaptainExplosion said:

I'm not kidding, it's real. Allegedly.

Idiots. -_-

How the fuck are they idiots? For not knowing an obscure symbol and release date of a video game that you happen to know but 99.999% of the population doesn't? The idiotic thing would be to ignore this and let hundreds of students run into a potential school shooting, or make a thread calling concerned people trying to protect themselves and others idiots.

I'm not saying that it would be funny to see you die in a shooting because someone ignored obvious warning signs and didn't tell you. Because that would be idiotic.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

if someone drew that smash logo and you thought... that's his cross hairs... I mean... he isn't going to be very accurate in shooting anyone is he?

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I am surprised by the number of people who did not know what was going to happen on December 7 to go into panic. Do not talk about video games in that school? in my time we did it.

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alejollorente10 said:
I am surprised by the number of people who did not know what was going to happen on December 7 to go into panic. Do not talk about video games in that school? in my time we did it.

Only a few students reported it. That's a few students out of most likely thousands of students. They most likely reported it immediately. It's not that weird to think that someone would interpret it that way when it's like a 3/2500 chance. 

CaptainExplosion said:

So what now? Is Nintendo gonna have to re-design the Smash Bros. symbol so that idiots don't think it's a target?

Any child in North America these days should recognize that THIS Is an aiming reticle:


Not THIS!!


As a child I never thought the above image looked like an aiming reticle.

I don't recall ever saying or suggesting they should alter the logo. Please point to where I implied this.

Not every child is a gamer. Not every adult is a gamer. Not everyone one is a Nintendo gamer or knows much about any Nintendo franchise.

Yet you seem to be really be insistent on calling children idiots. You also seem to be insistent that all the students should know what it means for some reason, and you emphasize this by pointing out that when you were a child, you knew the difference. That doesn't make sense. 

Kinda happy I decided to take a short break when I did because you gave me a great example I didn't have to dig deep to find. I'm using the following example as a point of comparison, not as an attack, cast of judgement, or make that the focus of the topic. (I fully intend to contribute to that thread so I would like to leave that specific discussion to that thread):

In this scenario, I knew about this piece of information as a child. Should I call you or anyone else that made the assumption idiots? No. That doesn't make any sense. Why insult someone over ignorance? I might as well laugh that someone doesn't know how to accurately use manifolds to calculate measurements of objects or even know how to use metric spaces properly or know how to code in Java or C# or yadda yadda yadda.

That's the only important reason to bring up that scenario.

There are key differences between this scenario and yours:

- You're an adult. They're literally children. Your age difference is a clear advantage of amassing more information than them.

- The information you were ignorant about was information you had both the time and context of checking. The kids probably had no knowledge whatsoever to extrapolate from

- Their situation was much more high risk and needed immediate judgement. Your situation never had anywhere near the same level of risk or urgency.

Their situation was much worse and understandable than yours... yet you have the nerve to call them idiots. I don't think that level of hypocrisy is acceptable in a discussion, serious or otherwise.


PwerlvlAmy said:
Reminder to please keep politics and things of that nature out of the thread please. We have a section for that.

Can you please specify what you are referring to when you say "politics and things of that nature"? In conjunction with your previous post here, it comes across to me as both mocking what others have deemed context naturally entwined with thread and superimposing your values or ideas in the thread rather than from a decision to ensure derailment is prevented.

 I don't believe I even need to bring context such as that to further contribute to this thread. I would just like clarification because it feels unfair to jump simply to that conclusion. 

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