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Forums - Website Topics - Dark Mode Now Available

I'm sure it surprises no one, but I prefer Dark mode.

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TalonMan said:
Stuart23 said:
Sorry for me being stupid, but where is it? I can't find it.

Hover over your avatar on the top menu, and select "Settings"

It's the first option on that page...

Okay, thanks. Looking good!

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Dark mode all the things.

Looks really nice, great work Talon! Only thing I'm not sure if I'm into is the white borders. I would also suggest switching the red in the prediction league to what you changed the important threads to.


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This is great. Thank you.

Yay. I can finally turn off my stylish for vgc.

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OTBWY said:
TalonMan said:

Yeah - I'm still tweaking those things. I'm certainly open to specific color suggestions...   :)

I messed around with the inspector and came up with a mock up to show that black borders are definitely better for dark mode. This would include the forum post borders as well.



Also,could we have a black mode.

For like, OLED displays, and people who just love black.

It's rather grey mode, I would say, but still better than before.

Kanemaru said:
It's rather grey mode, I would say, but still better than before.

Yeah, VGC's Dark Mode was originally a dark grey.