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Forums - Website Topics - Dark Mode Now Available

I'm sure it surprises no one, but I prefer Dark mode.

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TalonMan said:
Stuart23 said:
Sorry for me being stupid, but where is it? I can't find it.

Hover over your avatar on the top menu, and select "Settings"

It's the first option on that page...

Okay, thanks. Looking good!


Dark mode all the things.

Looks really nice, great work Talon! Only thing I'm not sure if I'm into is the white borders. I would also suggest switching the red in the prediction league to what you changed the important threads to.


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This is great. Thank you.

Yay. I can finally turn off my stylish for vgc.

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OTBWY said:
TalonMan said:

Yeah - I'm still tweaking those things. I'm certainly open to specific color suggestions...   :)

I messed around with the inspector and came up with a mock up to show that black borders are definitely better for dark mode. This would include the forum post borders as well.



Also,could we have a black mode.

For like, OLED displays, and people who just love black.

It's rather grey mode, I would say, but still better than before.

Kanemaru said:
It's rather grey mode, I would say, but still better than before.

Yeah, VGC's Dark Mode was originally a dark grey.