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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is the Dumbest Reason You Ever Bought a Game?

Title is self-explanatory.

My story: My brother played Pokemon before me. He got Pokemon Red. When it was my turn to buy a Pokemon game he told me to buy the Blue version so we could trade. Even though Blue was my favorite color and matched the color of my Game Boy Color I thought my brother was trying to trick me into buying the worst version so I got Red too. Later we bought Blue version anyway.

I also remember buying some stupid Ramen PSP game just because it was the only game that could fit on my tiny memory card at the time and I had never downloaded a game on it before.

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I am very conservative about what games I buy, making sure to have only the best of the best. However, I watched the anime re:zero this year and it artstyle reminded me of what I saw in the trailers for Ni No Kuni 2. So I got it, without knowing anything else about it. Not exactly a dumb reason, but the best I got

Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi because of its opening

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Got kinda drunk and wanted to buy persona 1 of the Vita store but I messed up and bought 2 part 1 instead, tried a 2nd time and bought 2 part 2 then on the 3rd try I finally bought p1

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Alan wake: American Nightmare, I thought the name „American Nightmare“ was cool. The game itself was trash tho

I have 2 deluxe collectors editions, and one digital copy of Corpse Party: Blood Drive on the Vita. Also I have never played the game. If anybody can beat that level of stupidity, I salute you. There was no reason besides being a Vita collector.

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I bought Bayonetta 2 literally just because it was two games for the price of one, without even knowing if I would like it or not. I've never even played a hack-n-slash game prior to that. Thankfully I ended up loving both games (Although it took a while before it really clicked with me).

Bundled :(

I bought Super Hydlide for Genesis because its case was a different color than the standard Genesis cases.