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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS2 vs PS4 NPD Battle

I've been looking up old NPD figures for PS2 and decided it might be fun to compare them to PS4.

Year PS2 LTD Year PS4 LTD
2000 1.10m 1.10m 2013 2.00m 2.00m
2001 6.18m 7.28m 2014 4.68m 6.68m
2002 8.39m 15.67m 2015 5.73m 12.41m
2003 6.31m 21.98m 2016 5.20m 17.61m
2004 4.59m 26.57m 2017 5.44m 23.05m
2005 5.51m 32.08m 2018    
2006 5.07m 37.15m 2019    
2007 3.97m 41.12m
2008 2.50m 43.62m
2009 1.80m 45.42m

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Cool thread. PS4 is keeping up admirably considering it’s only dropped $100 off its original price whereas PS2 was already $150 cheaper from its original price by this same time in its lifecycle.

So ps4 is having better legs. I can see 2019 and 2020 sales continuing the trend.

It's hard to imagine Sony ever having a console more profitable than the PS4. This must be as good as it gets, right?

PS4 is doing incredible considering the pricing model it is using compared to PS2. Can you imagine if Sony had launched PS4 at $299.99, taking a ~$80 hit per unit, and moved to $199.99 permanently last year? Sony could have blown away PS2 already, but they are playing a very long game. Wonder if it turns out better for them in the end, or if they just lost hardware/software sales, to make a little profit on hardware?

This will be a fun battle to watch going forward. PS4 should make up some ground on PS2 this year. A PS4 Super Slim and PS4 Pro Slim at $199.99 and $299.99, with a $149.99 Black Friday and Christmas sale on the Super Slim, and enough supply, would push PS4 way past PS2 next year.

I hope they make a push to break their record. 50 Million in the US alone, would be an amazing achievement.

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2004 was low for PS2, was that the year there was a shortage during Christmas?

Surprised PS4 won last year. I think lifetime PS4 will finish with around 37m so not miles behind the PS2.

PS2 2002 though.. damn.

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What the hell launched on the ps2 in 2002, was that gta or GT1, maybe it was price cut?
Too lazy to do my own research.

loy310 said:
What the hell launched on the ps2 in 2002, was that gta or GT1, maybe it was price cut?
Too lazy to do my own research.

Price cut may 2002. Went down $100 to $199 from $299. 


Sales soared after that the rest of the year.