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NES, 5/10 - having no nostalgia for the console at all, i can firmly say it is not an attractive piece of hardware. seemingly everything is just a bit too bulky. 

SNES, 4/10 - a bit worse than the NES. it looks way too mechanical and more like a cassette player than a game console

N64, 8/10 - sleek design, the controller ports and cart slot contrast nicely with the main console, and you gotta love the big logo on the front

Gamecube, 6/10 - this thing screams 'early 2000s' with its top loading design and handle on the back, like its a prototype for a CD player. not bad, but not great

Wii, 8/10 - its small, its white, and the DVD input lights up. i cant help but love the Wii

Wii U, 4/10 - its a chunky Wii... i get that they were going more for functionality than flare... but its a chunky Wii...

Switch, 8/10 - its nothing more and nothing less than it needs to be. its sleek and subtle, plus it looks good in off-grey or neon

PS1, 4/10 - this was really before they has their edge on consoles

PS2, ?/10 - its huge, the whole thing looks like a vent, its ugly and looks good at the same time? pass

PS3, 8/10 - genuinely a good design. i dont have much to say but i like it

PS4, 8/10 - L A Y E R S

Xbox, 3/10 - fitting that its a big X

Xbox 360, 9/10 - now this is a console with some personality. bright glowing ring, beautiful design

Xbox One, 7/10 - its sleek, but ultimately void of all personality. its justa big box with an X on it


i realize this wasnt the point of the thread but i found ranking them was a better way to go about it

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Always loved the look of the European and Japanese Super Nintendo

Nothing to see here, move along

I like the simplistic design of the OG PS4, X1S and X1X (All of them in white).

I also really like the Switch.

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Something that caught my eye because of this thread.

Launch - one matte, one gloss, chrome accents on both.

Slim - gloss and matte flip brands and PS drops chrome accent.

Launch - gloss and matte mix with sectional designs for both

Slim - white matte with black accents on both and PS drops sectional design.

Both brands consoles were opposite or copying/influencing each other as last gen went on in some ways, and this gen ended up much more similar in terms of luster, colors, and some design cues.

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I absolutely love the original PS4:

PS3 slim was pretty solid:


The SNES holds a sweet place in my heart.  

The Black Wii is underrated:


The best looking Xbox console, imo:

pokoko said:


I came here to post this as well.

Second place would be the OG PS4. Although all models look good and sleek, the original looks best.

An honorable mention to the silver GameCube. Really loved that one.

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Signalstar said:

OG PS3 Fat. It's only design flaw is how heavy it is. Big is beautiful. It looks like a luxury item because it is a luxury item!

Looked like a George Foreman Grill to me.

Yerm said:

SNES, 4/10 - a bit worse than the NES. it looks way too mechanical and more like a cassette player than a game console

Keep in mind that there were a couple of variants to the Super Nintendo depending on Region.

I have to say, I prefer the consoles we got here (PAL SNES). They just look less "old" and boxy than the NTSC SNES.

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Personally, I have a real soft spot for the PAL/JP SNES, its a really nice balance of looking cool but not overstated, simple yet not boring, approachable yet still like a quality piece of hardware.


The SNES Slim/Jr is also a contender, it's just so darn cute


Last but certainly not least, I absolutely love the look of the original fat PS3. With its sleek, curved shell, shiny black finish and chrome trim, it really look like a product from the future.

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