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Game Boy Micro.

Flilix said:

Game Boy Micro.

How could I forget this and it's in my avatar?? Lol

Sexy as well




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All of these look good in my opinion:
Super Famicom
PS2 Slim
PS3 Slim
PS4 Slim
Xbox One S
Xbox One X
Switch (in handheld mode)
Gameboy Color
PS Vita Slim (Especially new JP only coloured versions)
New 3DS
New 2DS XL


ratolmc said: the PS4 looks like an oversized eraser 
flashfire926 said: 

Upopular opinion but og PS4 is just needlessly edgy, and I just cant remove the fact from my mind that it looks like a giant eraser.

Yeah I never liked the look of the PS4 either, the fact the whole thing is slanted makes it look wonky to me.

Azzanation said:

I also loved the look of the 360 Slim. Probably the best looking Xbox design in my opinion.

Definitely the best looking Xbox console to date in my book. Very sleek and cool.

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OG PS3 Fat. It's only design flaw is how heavy it is. Big is beautiful. It looks like a luxury item because it is a luxury item!

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