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Forums - Sales Discussion - Pokemon: Let’s Go sells 116,000 copies in the first 3 days in UK

The UK is having stock problems. It probably would have outsold X/Y without these problems tbh.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Why was Sun/Moon so high? :O
And why was HGSS so low?

Also, woo Pikachu > Eevee. Eevee = shit and Pikachu = awesome!!!

20th anniversary and Pokemon Go.

Better than I expected. I wonder how digital compares to sun/moon and X/Y.

UK is not more than 5% of the Switch market. So it could be a 3M worldwide on first week, Japan is way more addicted to Pokemon than UK certainly.

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Impressive for Let's Go. In comparison to Sun & Moon, Let's Go has a mixed label of being a spin-off and a mainline remake of Pokemon Yellow, along with being on the Switch, which likely had a lower install base in the UK compared to Sun & Moon by the time it released on 3DS. Plus, Sun & Moon had the Pokemon Go phenomenon at the peak of its powers and the 20th anniversary celebration, which helped a lot in marketing. For Let's Go, it will probably challenge (if not surpass) Sun & Moon for highest revenue for the franchise for the last two generations, with the fact the games are $60 or $100 if you add the Poke Ball plus (and the Poke Ball plus would probably sell well on its own, as well). Overall, its great for Let's Go.

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Mighty impressive, this the lowest HW install base a Pokemon game has ever launched on a Nintendo system and at the highest price too. Not to mention it's not a new generation game. Gen 8 has a bright future, seems Pokemon ain't going anywhere.

zorg1000 said:
flashfire926 said:
60% down from sun/moon.... oof

Ya let's look at the outlier and not all the other games.

Ah... I glossed through the list and didnt play close attention. It didnt actually do that bad. But considering this is a gen 1 remake... I expected somewhat better. Being below gen 3 remakes is somewhat surprising.

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This game cost 60 $? Nice joke Nintendo, disgusting but nice.

Considering the hype around switch and Pokémon atm I'd say that was an alright opening. Not amazing but not bad either.