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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Chart showing how much PS and Xbox consoles cut price after 5 years


I think it's truly incredible Sony are selling their console for just 25% "less then launch price 5 years later. I'd say the profit margin per sale is insane. 

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PS1 was $99 5 years from launch, not $49.

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In addition they are still selling 20+% at $399.99 with PS4 Pro.

I really hope this translates into Sony delivering a very strong PS5. If they can eat some losses early, but maintain the launch price for a few years, they would merge into profits over time. Having confidence that the price can be maintained should help in taking slight risk.

If they can deliver a $470 PS5 at $399.99, they would be able to easily maintain thier current momentum, and really give no opening for the competition.

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The PS1 at $50 is a better deal than the PS Classic at $100.

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Impressive, it could have enough room for price cuts to stay on the market not less than the PS3 (if the other factors besides price will remain favourable, obviously).

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Signalstar said:
The PS1 at $50 is a better deal than the PS Classic at $100.

Depends on how much you care about the digital output.

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Oh i like the chart :)

This is really reflective of console not being sold at a loss anymore.

PS1 was super competitive on price and Sony could afford to do so.

The Gamecube was like $99 after just a few years. Xbox was sold at a huge loss due to advanced specs and a HDD. Sony probably had room for price cuts given the relatively weak hardware.

The PS3 was sold at a huge loss because of the Bluray, CPU and HDD. Also, MS was super competitive on price. However, they never went far below $199 officially. There was Xbox 360s for $99 but that was Black Friday deals. People predicted they would eventually be $99, but it never happen.

With that said, I'm surprised 8th gen units are still averaging $300. Its possible base console will just be discontinued and the mid gen upgrades will take their place. I can certainly see MS doing that if they lean into 9th gen being a cross gen thing.

Signalstar said:
The PS1 at $50 is a better deal than the PS Classic at $100.

A used PS3 is a better PS Classic.

Or just emulate them in glorious 4K.

Makes sense. It seems like they are trying to stretch out these generations more and more. They keep getting diminishing returns from hardware improvements, so they have to stretch out the generation to compensate.