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The MCU in Tron...

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The Covenant in the Halo Series (1, 3 ,4,Reach, 5) are having a very good AI. They can be very aggressive and surround you but also the little one can fear you and run away they are intelligent enough to take vehicles on their own and to use them. etc. Another Title where the AI was very good is Crysis 1. One of the "newer" games where the Ai is good is the forza series because theese drivatars are learning via cloud computing.

Have to think hard here I generally always find AI in games to be stupid af

The first couple Halo games had really impressive AI.

The last couple MGS games did as well, if I remember correctly.

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Uncharted 4 had pretty decent AI on the harder difficulty settings. Trying to blow you away from cover and trying to flank you from multiple sides.

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TallSilhouette said:
FEAR is the classic one people cite, but I've always loved the AI in MGS games. The way enemies will clear rooms, call for backup, display different emotions, change their tactics based on your own, it's always been top notch and MGSV was no exception.

As inconsistent and buggy as it could be, TLOU's human enemies could have some brilliant moments setting up traps for you. I hope Part 2's AI lives up to its promise.

This here. F.E.A.R. has some really good flanking AI, and the AI doesn't seem too bad otherwise either. MGS is nothing spectacular but it just works really well in the games. Beyond these two, I don't think I really have anything to contribute to this thread.



Baddman said:
Have to think hard here I generally always find AI in games to be stupid af

Lol I know right. XD

This is a difficult question I’ve been thinking about it like all day now. People mention FEAR and Halo but I haven’t played those.

Halo Reach stands out for me; not only did different enemies have very different behaviours, but they were very reactive, constantly changing up their tactics in response to how the player behaved. They'd push forward when your shields were offline or if you retreated, flee or take cover when vulnerable, flank your position, etc.

I think the original Halo, Combat Evolved, was the first time I really felt impressed by in-game AI. I still think the enemy AI in that game holds up better than most games today.

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Alien Isolation.

Even today, F.E.A.R. still comes to mind.