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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best AI in games

Qwark said:
Uncharted 4 had pretty decent AI on the harder difficulty settings. Trying to blow you away from cover and trying to flank you from multiple sides.

I mostly like the friendly AI in the Naughty Dogs games, not perfect but way more useful than most sidekicks.

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The fear trilogy is pretty neat especially fear 1

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The AI for Trico in the Last Guardian was amazing. From the way his animations adapt to the environment to all the little quirks that make him feel like a real animal. Yes, that includes the frustrating moments wherre he doesn't behave like you want him to. Like it or not, the developers have stated this is by design

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I feel like AI is something that has not really improved much in the last decade or so, as evidenced by a lot of us giving the title to games from last gen or even earlier.
Heck, I'd go so far as to say a lot of games this gen fall short of the standards of the original Halo circa 2001 in this field. Moving forward, I'd like to see more effort poured into making game characters, both friendly and hostile, behave in more lifelike and dynamic ways.

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HoloDust said:
FEAR and FarCry 1

I would add Half Life 1 and 2 to these.  

Those enemy soldiers would creep me out by how "alive" they felt back then.