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Forums - Sales Discussion - September NPD 2018 thread, results up! PS4 421K; NSW 259K; XB1 176K; 3DS 81K


Let me know you feedback, would you like those threads to be a thing?

yes 46 93.88%
no 3 6.12%
Megiddo said:
Mega Man also got #5.

Yes you are right

Nautilus said:
DonFerrari said:

So only 9th and 10th spot for 3rd parties on Switch... Also great doing for Sony on the Yearly ranking, besides having 2 on the Top3, all the rest have done great on PS.

You forgot Megaman 11 at #5.

Yep, and someone pointed faster than you =P


I have associated Megaman to Nintendo for such a long time that I even forgot it was 3rd party.

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Lots of predictions flying around here. Will be interesting to revisit once we have December numbers.

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If Mario Odyssey did 900k in the short time span it did, on such a small install base, Smash will destroy 2 million in December.

DonFerrari said:
Nautilus said:

You forgot Megaman 11 at #5.

Yep, and someone pointed faster than you =P

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

quickrick said:
Miyamotoo said:

Just to remind you on two bets we have, you said that Switch will sell below 3m in US in November and December combined, and that Switch will sell less than 2m in December alone.

yup easy win for me, you sure do like having to sport my pic in your avatar. 

We will see.. ;)

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MasonADC said:
If Mario Odyssey did 900k in the short time span it did, on such a small install base, Smash will destroy 2 million in December.

The only thing that could affect it is the bundle. IDK if the digital codes are counted, and if they are they'll be counted as sales in November??? Idk. But yeah other then that it should smash 2.2m NPD.

quickrick said:
honesty think switch may never pass x1.

It will come down to longevity and legs, but right now the Switch is comparing favorably to the XBO:

The Switch sold 11.6% more units in 2017 than the XBO did in 2014, and for the Q1-Q3 period this year has sold 14.7% more units than the XBO did in the same period in 2015. And let's keep in mind that A) the Switch has yet to get a price cut or hardware revision, B) Smash and Gen VII Pokemon still aren't out yet, and C) 2015 was the XBO's best year by a slim margin, thanks to various stimulative factors that haven't come into play yet for the Switch. The Switch can easily continue to outpace the XBO for at least the next couple of years. The XBO's main advantage is that it has maintained steady sales for five years straight, something Nintendo systems rarely manage to do. I think the Switch will outpace the XBO at least out to 2020. By the end of this year, the XBO will be sitting at around 24-25M. I think it will end at around 32-33M, maybe less if the Xbox 4 comes out in 2020. The Switch could match that depending on how strong it is from this December on through 2019 and 2020, but I think it'll be close.

quickrick said:

I think when ps5 and xbox 2 come out switch will be slow down considerably.

The release of new systems from one brand has absolutely zero effect on sales of a console from another brand. It has never happened before in the history of the console market. The only new system that will have a negative impact on Switch sales will be the Switch's successor.


Ryng_Tolu said:




PS4 - 421k
NSW - 259k
XB1 - 176k
3DS - 81k


Well, no point in updating my charts as posted in the thread. It might nudge the weekly average charts by a pixel or two and do nothing to the others. Those original estimates were pretty damn close.


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Acevil said:
outlawauron said:

$40 vs $60. More than double dollar sales. I'd wager it's closer to 1.5:1 in favor of PS4. But to say that platform had nothing to do with it is kinda weird. Of course the platform with the most JRPGs has JRPGs that sell very well. It's not a slam on Nintendo platforms, but rather that it's the place that makes the most sense. I imagine the Switch port if done well, should be successful too.

I thought it was $34.99 for Dragon Quest XI (must have been maybe CAD only thing, back when our dollar was amazing?)? I did mean might actually be closer to 1:1 than 2:1, I didn't mean to imply it was 1:1. 

Square Enix has had premium pricing on DS and 3DS. I paid $40 for my copy when it came out. Definitely a big difference when comparing revenue, but >2:1 makes me believe it's pretty safely in the 1.5:1 category. I've really enjoyed DQ11, so I'm happy for Square that it's getting more of the love it deserves.

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Mr.GameCrazy said:
quickrick said:
honesty think switch may never pass x1.

Why do you think that? Just curious. 

Do you really need an answer?

Dear lord XD

Alright, let's talk about interesting things.
Super Smash Bros Brawl sold 2.7 million units back in March 2008. At that time Wii had an install base of 8.08 million units.
Right now Switch is over 7.11 million units in the US, and iwith November+October, there is no way Switch won't have a bigger install base during Ultimate launch.

To this, add the fact that most Nintendo series had a very big boost in performance, just look at Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, AND, the hype for Ultimate looks by far bigger than any others Smash games at launch.

Oh, and of course, 5 weeks of December VS 5 weeks of March...

It's absolutely insane to expect Ultimate to sell less than the 2.7 million Brawl did at launch.