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quickrick said:
zorg1000 said:

Nobody who is interested in Smash Bros is going to pass it up simply because a Mario Kart game released 19 months earlier, you are insane if you believe that.

Show me one time a Nintendo game was negatively affected as a direct result of another Nintendo game.

you don't seem to understand my point, its not wrong to assume that if mario kart 8 , and zelda wasn't out already, mario odyssia  would be selling much  better, smash is coming out with most of the major nintendo franchises out, it gonna hurt it a bit. I'm not saying  people that are interested in smash are not gonna buy it, but parents buying switch as gift have many choices of nintendo games.

I honestly don’t get this logic. Spider-Man hasn’t gotten in the way of God of War’s sales and I don’t think either will be affected much by RDR2. And a good amount of people here believe the former two games will sell 10+ million. Yet, Nintendo games get in each other’s way...???? 

Smash bros. Ultimate will lead the way for the Switch this holiday along with Pokemon Let’s Go. How would older games suddenly hold them back? I mean, I’ve only heard the opposite true with Donkey Kong Country overshadowing Super Metroid, which came out months earlier in 1994. Same with Mario Galaxy overshadowing Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and Metroid Prime 3.