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Forums - Politics Discussion - Elizabeth Warren Becomes An Even Bigger Joke.

I am quite worried that the only alternative the Democrats are going to offer to Trump is Warren. Over the past decade social media seems to have fueled an unrestrained populism that is driving everyone to extremism.

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thismeintiel said:
Jumpin said:
This is the problem with the US. You guys focus on a person’s race or gender more than their policies. Your priorities are the real joke.

Blame the Dems on that one.  They have been running on identity politics for decades.  If anything, the Warren thing proves how full of crap they really are.  If you are a Dem you can claim you are whatever you want, take a job from whatever minority you wish, just as long as you tow the line.

You are aware racial politics has existed in the US for the entire existence of the nation, correct?

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Johnw1104 said:
I am quite worried that the only alternative the Democrats are going to offer to Trump is Warren. Over the past decade social media seems to have fueled an unrestrained populism that is driving everyone to extremism.

She's not the front runner.  Bidden and Sanders are.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."

Mr Puggsly said:
Eagle367 said:
My parents used to tell me that while our countries politics were shitty, there are countries with better standards where corruption and hypocrisy don't reign supreme and they talked about US. They made it seem like it was this Uber powerful nation that had the entire world in it's grasp and were much farther ahead in tech than any other country and their military was so powerful but everyone was accountable and they made no distinction between president and poor person. Now I realise that they were highly mistaken or they were trolling me cause this country is so damn d'corript, they have am archaic 3 party system where both parties are corrupt, hypocritical and ruled by oligarchs. Their military is the strongest but is also kind of a joke(if you find militaries killing innocent people in foreign lands funny) and they are no longer the leader in tech, They have a horrible healthcare and education system and their infrastructure is just horrible. Also they act like cartoon caricatures of themselves for some reason. Now I can only laugh in disbelief at the stupidity of America and the naiveté of my parents/ or the awesome way they trolled me

I'm sorry the US isn't the utopia you believed? But lets remember it grew from of other corrupt nations.

We have an "archaic" two party system, not 3. Power tends to be corrupt, that's nothing new. This is something many developed nations deal with from time to time and why political shifts happens to some other "archaic" party.

The military is indeed strong and innocent people die. That's war! The innocent always suffer most.

Our healthcare isn't horrible, generally speaking far from it. The real problems is costs and not everybody has a good healthcare plan. These are different arguments.

We spend a fortune on our education system, almost the most in the world. The problem is the parents suck. But solution by the left is more money.

If your parents sold you the US is a utopia, they weren't bright people. Frankly I never argue the US is best or a perfect country, but its certainly a much better place then where most immigrants come from. I don't know anything about your parents but maybe they held the US in high regard because they came from a shit country?

They not only came from a shit country, they are still living there. And they are both doctors and much more capable than me or you .But in their time information was much scarcer and propaganda of the US is really good in mainstream print and TV media which was the only source other than word of mouth back then. And there are much and I do mean MUCH better countrues to idealizes than the US. Your education is horrible just admit it and if people don't have access to healthcare it's shitty. What's the use of shiny modern tech if no one can afford to use it. Access to healthcare is one of the most important aspects so yes shitty. And the US kills innocents needlessly. The way US does war for profit is unlike any other in history. The US isn't expansionist. It's military is fighting for the profit of rich people and to the detriment of the country itself. So the war you speak of and the war that the US military fights are totally different. They needlessly kill innocents and make their soldiers into murderers and then when they return throw them aside like trash. So the military industrial complex doesn't;t care about the US, it's soldiers, it's veterans, it's citizens or any human life in general. It's the shitties of shitty. And it spends trillions for your tax dollars to lose to Afghanistan and syria. The world is waking up to how shitty your government is(not the people, the government) and it's high time to replace the US dollar and stop US influence in the world because let's be honest, even China is a better role model than the US for the world and China is a shitty role model in it's own right

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

SpokenTruth said:
Johnw1104 said:
I am quite worried that the only alternative the Democrats are going to offer to Trump is Warren. Over the past decade social media seems to have fueled an unrestrained populism that is driving everyone to extremism.

She's not the front runner.  Bidden and Sanders are.

As far as policies are concerned, Sanders is in a very similar boat and would likely alienate too many people. I really, really don't want to tank the economy, and I know many others have similar concerns. Much like the tea party movement over half a decade ago that very nearly wrested control of the Republican party (in some ways it succeeded), there's a similar movement of inexperienced, pie-in-the-sky populists among progressives attempting the same within the democratic party.

We'll have to see if Biden actually runs, as he's said at times that he would not and skipped out on his virtual guarantee in 2016.

You know, it's almost as if limiting the realistic selections to only two candidates and neatly dividing everyone in such a manner as to guarantee as little policy overlap as possible isn't the best of ideas... O_o

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LivingMetal said:
setsunatenshi said:

And you say that based on.................... nothing... 

Way to slander one of the most honest and substantial politicians in the country that actually represents the people and not big money interests. Was the face behind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and one of the few vocal politicians that actually tried to have accountability to the "too big to fail" banks that crashed the world economy (and will do it again in no time).

Yeah, let's see that proof of special treatment, I'm sure it really exists

That's where I stopped reading.

Be against her ideas all you want, that's your problem, but thinking she's not honest and focused on substance, that's just being ignorant. 

I don't find her heritage interesting. Though Trump kept goading her into taking the DNA test, much like he did with Obama's birth certificate. Racial obsession is his thing, not mine.
But she took it, and she's 5-6 generations  descendant from a native american or something? Ok, whatever.

thismeintiel said: 
Chris Hu said: 

That FBI investigation was a joke and he wasn't proven innocent but congratulations we now have two pervs on the supreme court.

This isn't the thread for that, so I will stick to one reply. 

You guys are all about moving goalposts.  You couldn't nail Kavanaugh with his judicial record, so out comes the last minute allegation claims, just like with Clarence Thomas.  You demand there must be a hearing to get to the bottom of this.  Of course, if the info was given to the committee by Feinstein in the first place, it could have been investigated in private.  But a private investigation doesn't help rile up your base, so it must be public.  We have the hearing and get nothing.  No corroboration.  No evidence.  And I know you guys hate this, but in this country it is still innocent until proven guilty.  Even for your political enemies. 

But, you demand an FBI investigation.  Of course, since there are no criminal charges, it would only be a background check, just like he has gotten before.  The Dems in charge know this, but they can rile you guys up even more by claiming the investigation is rigged and didn't go deep enough.  Of course, at the same time Ford's story is getting picked apart, so the Dems fall back on other things that the background check picks up, but that all falls apart, just like the other bogus claims.  So, in a last ditch effort, the Dems and their blind followers fall back on his demeanor during the hearing.  Of course, that is a ridiculous standard when one is fighting for their life and that of their families, so he goes in.

It's time to get over it.  And stop accusing him of being something when YOU HAVE NO PROOF.  Especially since I'm sure you are giving Keith Ellison a pass.

Can you cut down on the generalizations, and just address what each individual you speak to says or does? It'll make for a more pleasant discussion.

First of all, before the last hearing, Kavanaugh was found to have apparently lied under oath (which is perjury) on two separate occasions some years ago according to some of the 100 000 page documents the Republicans didn't want to share with the rest of the Senate until some 15 hours before the hearing. A process to investigate this began on the D.C. circuit, but as you know, Republicans rushed Kavanaugh through anyway. 
During the hearing with Dr Ford, he appears to have committed perjury again on multiple occasions. Devil's Triangle is not a drinking game. It's a threesome between two men and one woman. Boofing is not flatulence. It's something going into your anus, rather than out of it. Dozens of Kavanaugh's former school/classmates, some of whom originally supported him as part of the letter signed by 60 women, said that he lied about these things and/or about his conduct back in those days. His old roomate said the same. No one would take "Renate Alumnius" to mean something nice. Least of all the woman herself, after she found out that he did that.

I don't care about Kavanaugh doing stupid things like that during his college years. That's fine. But what everyone should care about is a judge whose go to move is to lie under oath.
And him screaming and crying during his job interview, and telling the people he claims are trying to ruin his life that "what goes around comes around" is not helping him look suited for the position either. And opposing an FBI investigation every time he was asked, and refusing a lie detector test even though his accuser took the most accurate type of polygraph test there is, and passed, after he previously said this about their importance;

(Especially note the part about "screening applicants to deem if they are suitable for work in critical law enforcement"

makes him look incredibly suspicious and guilty. On top of all the apparent lying.

The GOP knows that, but they don't want to risk having their nominee blocked after the midterms, a tactic they used to block Garland for a year, so they'll just appoint him no matter what short of finding a bloody glove and a taped confession.

As for the accusation that came in last minute, it shouldn't matter when an accusation about attempted rape comes out, as around 2/3 of sexual assault victims are estimated to never come forward at all. But this particular one was brought forward before Kavanaugh was the nominee. When Ford saw that he was on the shortlist of 40 people, she wrote a letter but asked to remain anonymous. The accusation wasn't last minute. It was her being named. Something she wanted to avoid, and understandably so with all the death threat's she has received forcing her family to relocate, and they're apparently still not back in their house to this day. But once Kavanaugh became the nominee, she was named.

Regarding innocent until proven guilty, never mind the fact that proving rape, let alone attempted rape, is often incredibly difficult if not impossible. But what you're citing is legal status formality. It's not something we as humans actually practice in the way you're trying to apply it here. In fact, even the law doesn't. That's why people in the US come into the courtroom for their trial wearing shackles.
And if you hypothetically had to hire a babysitter for your daughter, if you're looking at two applicants with the exact same credentials, except one of them had been accused of rape/sexual assault by multiple women, some of whom took and passed a polygraph test, while he refused to take one, and they asked for an investigation while he opposed one, etc, you would not hire that one as a babysitter. You'd pick the other one. Even without the polygraph or opposing an investigation part, that's how everyone would act.
Same for hiring someone for your office who was accused of murdering his coworkers with a butchers knife. You'd pick the applicant who wasn't accused of that. Let alone credibly accused, as was the term several GOP senators, Trump himself, and several Fox News anchors used to describe Christine Ford's testimony.

Although that can be unfair at times, coupled with Kavanaugh's behavior during the hearing, it seems pretty justified to strongly distrust him in this case.
If I were innocent I would beg for an FBI investigation. Beg for a polygraph test. This piece of shit does the exact opposite and apparently lies under oath like it means nothing to him as a judge.
As for the FBI investigation itself, everyone knew it would be limited from the start. Although the FBI didn't even interview Kavanaugh or Ford. While the senators asked them questions during the hearing, they are not trained to interrogate. There were reportedly over 40 people who contacted FBI and said they had relevant information, but the FBI didn't question a single one of them. When they interviewed Kavanaugh's second accuser, she gave them the names of some people who may have relevant information. She later asked them if the FBI contacted them, and they all said no. (Keep in mind her accusation against Kavanaugh didn't originate from herself. Old schoolmates of his started talking about how they remembered hearing about an incident where he allegedly pressed his penis against a girl's face at a party, around the time it happened.)
From what we've heard, the FBI got a list of 10 people to interview, and they interviewed 9 of them.

Lastly, I don't think people will 'get over' how the GOP appointed someone credibly accused of sexual assault and sexual misconduct, on top of lying under oath, to one of the highest seats in the nation. And I don't think they should get over it. They didn't have to chose someone like this. Niel Gorsich was right leaning, but he wasn't investigated for lying under oath and accused of sexual assault. But when they did, they sent a statement that I think a lot of women, and men, will never forget.

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Is it surprising that Beloved Leader is shitting the bed after being shown verifiable evidence that undermines him?
No, it’s just his usual pattern of idiocy. I wonder how he’d react if he was told the Earth revolves around the Sun. If only H.P. Lovecraft were still alive; then maybe we’d get an accurate description of such a freak-out.

SpokenTruth said:
She never put minority on an application or entrance forms.

So how do you get hired as a minority if you don't list yourself as a minority?

Is this 100% true? Because if so, it kind of blows the whole case open and makes you question why it's even a big deal .. lmao

Hiku said:

I don't find her heritage interesting. Though Trump kept goading her into taking the DNA test, much like he did with Obama's birth certificate. Racial obsession is his thing, not mine.
But she took it, and she's 5-6 generations  descendant from a native american or something? Ok, whatever.

She is at best 6 generations, possibly 10. There is no 5. Don't try and move the stats like everyone seemed to do with James Gunn. You know, how his tweets were anywhere from 5-12 years ago, but EVERYONE always only said a dozen years ago.

But let's take her 6-10 generations into perspective

1. That means that she had a relative be Cherokee between 180-300 years ago.

2. That means her % lineage is like 0.09-1.5% Cherokee

3. The average European American was found to be 0.18% Native American during some extensive study, so she is basically identical to the average white person in America

4. The DNA test used Mexican, Peruvian and Columbian DNA to test her. It did not use Native American DNA, or Cherokee DNA, which she claims she is, so it makes her proof even more laughable.

5. The Cherokee have come out and vehemently bashed this result and all it stands for

6. Trump wasn't the one who sent in 'family recipe's' claiming to be Cherokee. Saying her Dad's family nearly didn't let him marry her mom due to them being discriminatory towards Cherokee's. Trump didn't put on her resume's that she was Cherokee. Trump didn't brag that she was the first women of color professor at Harvard. That was all her. All he did was call her Pocahontas and as many do when fighting Trump, she has dug her hole further trying to fight back.