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Will you be changing you PSN ID

Yes 7 12.73%
No 38 69.09%
Undecided 10 18.18%

No, I'm pretty happy with my PSN ID.

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No, I won't. My PSN ID is really simple, easy to remember and easy to pronounce by other people online. The only thing that bugs me is that people think I'm from Maryland because of the last two letters. But it's nothing that makes me want to change it immediately.

Yep, and no I wont be displaying my old name.

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Nope, I use my online ID for pretty much everything else and luckily it's not embarrassing lol

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Definitely will if I can be arsed. Probably when I get the PS5.

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Nope. Same name pretty much everywhere, for the last 20+ years.

I think I will change it, I am a different person now. Not that my old ID is anything embarrassing, it just doesn't feel like the current me anymore.

Nah. I'm me. Although d22lewis has a nice ring to it...

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yes, will try to see whether is it available to shorten it to more simple