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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your Favourite Developers

- IO Interactive
- Sucker Punch
- Sandlot
- Rockstar North
- Housemarque
- Ryu ga Gotoku Studio

I could easily stuff 14 more to fit the limit. That's good though. So many honorable mentions. Like Arkane. I loooooved Dishonored, but haven't played part 2, and their overall catalog is pretty small. Or all the devs I know are great, but haven't experienced in years. Like Nintendo EAD, or From Software. May add more, but happy with those six.

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Naughty gods
Santa Monica

From Software
Naughty Dog
Square Enix
Platinum Games
Kojima Studios

EA Black Box

Just wanted to leave that here. Most others of my favourites have already been mentioned. But EA Black Box should not be forgotten, after all they made the best Need For Speed title ever (Most Wanted 2005) as well as the best skating game ever (Skate 2).

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From Software for now.

It used to be Capcom, Squaresoft and Nintendo.

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I would also like to shout out Criterion games, makers of the burnout series. They also saved the need for speed series from collapsing with black box mediocrity, with hot Pursuit and Most Wanted. Too bad now that EA axed most of the studio, and now only a skeleton crew remains for assistance for dice. Tell you what EA, Criterion in its prime was way better than dice will ever be.

EA had two great racing series, then they completely abondoned one, and riidled the second one with always online/lootboxes.

Another shout out team ico. Put out two masterpieces in the ps2 gen. That reminds me, I havent got around to last guardian yet.
Polyphony digital from 1998-2005 was god tier as well.

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From software

1) Blizzard Entertainment (Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo)

2) Valve Corporation  (Half Life, L4D, Portal)

3) Nintendo (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, Starfox)

4) Rare (Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Conker)

5) 343 Industries (Halo)

6) Moon Studios (Ori)

7) Relic Entertainment (When they made Homeworld)

8) Subset Games (FTL, Into The Breach)

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Blizzard Entertainment
Squaresoft (or Square Enix if I have to, preferred the Squaresoft years)
Naughty Dog
Retro Studios
Santa Monica Studios
Konami (for historical reasons, fuck current day Konami)
Valve (when they used to make games)

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Naughty Dog
From Software
Rockstar Games
Santa Monica Studios
Guerrilla Games
CD Project Red
Media Molecule