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Forums - Sports Discussion - So, Cristiano Ronaldo is an alleged Rapist.

OhNoYouDont said:
contestgamer said:

It's obstruction of justice in California and a few other places. In most places it, is not. Regardless, they both agreed. It's a contract. It's providing justice according to the victim herself, hence why she would sign such a contract.

It's obstruction any time you withhold information pertaining to a criminal matter. Her agreement to a monetary settlement would be a civil matter, it does not address the criminal matter which would be assessed by a district attorney.

It would still be quite unethical. She clearly withheld the information from prosecution following the exchange of money.

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I'm not really a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, but for now I don't believe he is a rapist. It looks like there is no definitive evidence so far.

jason1637 said:
Diogo said:
First, you got the name wrong. Second, I know I am biased, but this case reeks of opportunism. Third, he did not admit any raping, you should do a better research.

That's what he told his legal team. I hope he was lying because he is a great player and my phone spellchecked me on my Op i cahnged it now.

I'm sorry, but I don't consider an article from the Sun to be valid information. I've been closely following Ronaldo's career, and I really doubt he would be capable of such a thing. However, as I said, I'm quite biased regarding this matter, and I know I can eventually be wrong, but until proven guilty, we cannot call him a rapist, and that's why I am completely against the title that you chose for this post. 

Seriously tired of the trial by social media, guilty until proven innocent, then still guilty approach to the world by too many people. May as well close all the courts now, and cut of the head of the statue of justice.

we need a full FBI investigation!

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Did he admit to raping her, then hes rapist.

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TheBird said:
SecondWar said:

For the latter point, it says quite a lot about his character. He was already earnings millions but called himself a slave as his then club were not allowing him to transfer to Real Madrid. It showed him to be entitled and very self-absorbed. I don't believe him to be that person now, but I think having that sort of attitude at the time the alleged event took place is quite relevant to the case.

Also if Ronaldo paid her off, then that does suggest he has something to hide. If not, then why pay her off at all? In any regards, the mental effects of sexual assault are typically so traumatic victims don't exactly recall reliving it, as you would have to do in court. This is why many cases are reported much later or not at all. Has she asked for more money? It doesn't seem like that is her goal here.

But the line 'ruin a man's life' just stinks. It reminds me off an old Bojack Horseman episode. The allegations are not proven - yet, but they may well be in time (equally they may not). You criticise people for assuming guilt prematurely but you appear to be assuming innocence on the basis its a claim against a famous person so the claimant must only be doing it for attention or money - which is equally as farcical.

The fact that you support the MeToo movement just shows me what kind of disgusting human being you are. No point in arguing with a brick wall who doesn't know better. It has not been used once for good, it is only there to destroy the innocent for a few seconds of fame and attention.

Are you for real? Because I support people speak out against rape and sexual violence, that makes me a disgusting human being? 

I think the brick wall comment applies equally to you, if not more so. You are automatically assuming anyone who reports rape is lying just for attention. I think that is a disgusting attitude to take. I'm not even jumping on the bandwagon about Ronaldo. In all my post I've reffered the the alleged event, deferring judgement until after the investigation has finished. But you, no - 'victim' is the man, because the allegations will ruin his life. Even if they turn out to be true. Women should just keep quiet and not bother anyone about it. Am I on the right lines about how you feel about it?

Is the MeToo agenda perfect? No, there is a fair bit of hysteria involved and I think the black clothing thing at the Hollywood awards was a piece of vanity so that some celebrities could feel good about themselves, but the underlying goal of the movement is for positive change. And to be honest, I not even sure I qualify as a MeToo support, as this thread is the most I've ever contributed to the matter.

I'm sick of posters on this website posting up allegations like it's fact. It's a fooked up society we live in.

Kerotan said:
I'm sick of posters on this website posting up allegations like it's fact. It's a fooked up society we live in.

You're a Mcgregor fan right? I don't even care if it's off topic.


On topic: ??????? I haven't even looked at the op. Jason helps to keep things crazy though, so that's good.

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Kerotan said:
I'm sick of posters on this website posting up allegations like it's fact. It's a fooked up society we live in.

Super Amy to the rescue. Thread title fixed more to reflect the situation. 

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