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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wall Street Journal Japan Reports A New Switch Model Will Release In The Second Half Of 2019

Hope it's new architecture, then I can laugh.

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Makes sense. There is a new Tegra chip (is it Tegra 2?) which should be cheaper to fabricate by now as the fabrication process for the olf Tegra is getting old. The Tegra 2, as far as I know, has either double performance at the same power consumption or same performance at half the energy consumption.
I hope Nintendo goes for the latter and we wont see any titles that are exclusive to the new model.

Keybladewielder said:

I think I will wait to see what this is before getting a Switch, if it's model with a smaller screen then I'd rather get the original Switch, even if the battery life is improved :p.

I've had a Switch since day 1, but I agree with you.  When it came to the 3DS, I was an instant upgrade to the XL when it came out.  Not a fan of gaming on smaller screens.

Dulfite said:
If Animal Crossing multiplayer can be more enjoyed with two switches (instead of split screen) in terms of features and functionality, then I am interested in getting a second switch for my wife. If they release a cheaper and smaller one, that rises to a strong leaning towards that purchase.

Has there been a Split Screen Animal Crossing? 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Not a fan of "Pro" versions of consoles so let's hope it's not that. Also, I find my current Switch plenty portable as it is, wouldn't be interested in a smaller version.

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Nautilus said:

Honestly, I think its too soon.I mean, at least in my view, it dosent make sense the reasoning behind it, which it is to keep Switch sales momentum going.If that were the case, all Nintendo had to do is give the system a price cut, and leave the revision for later, which I assume would have an 1080p screen and better performance exclusively to get the resolutions on undocked mode to 1080p and keep the framerate steady and acceptable.Maybe to also improve overall performance on docked mode too.Not to mention any other benefits they could also fit in there, such as bigger storage size.

I dont know.For me, a revision for 2020 makes far more sense.It should be noted that this is a report, and thus a "rumor", so always take these news with a grain of salt.

Its not too soon, every Nintendo handheld had some kind difrent type of revision around 2 years after launch, and Switch hardware is essentially handheld and has even more opportunities for different type of revisions than 3DS. Point is simple, offer different price point of Switch platform, for instance you have 3DS for $80, $150 and $200 and 3DS is dying fast, so smaller and lower price point revision for Switch totally make sense, stronger and more pricey Pro not that much curently.


Nautilus said: 
Miyamotoo said: 

They were very clear, they said based on they sources that new Switch version is coming next year, they dont know if this will be Pro or Mini/Pocket/Lite version, they even said that specs are still not finalized, only detail that they did mentioned is that Nintendo is looking at better less power screen thats not OLED.

Also WSJ before reported that Nintendo is planing/working on revision, but this is first time we have info when that revision could come.

But this IS the definition of being vague, even if they dont know the details...

But main point of this rumour is not if will be Mini or Pro, but point that new version of Switch is coming next year in any case.

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The fact that it is launching along a mainline Pokemon game, to me implies a revision a la DS -> DS Lite. Meaning, smaller, sleeker, with maybe better screen and battery life. I'm sure a Switch+ is coming eventually, but most certainly not next year.

routsounmanman said:
The fact that it is launching along a mainline Pokemon game, to me implies a revision a la DS -> DS Lite. Meaning, smaller, sleeker, with maybe better screen and battery life. I'm sure a Switch+ is coming eventually, but most certainly not next year.

Dont forget Animal Crossing, both Pokemon and Animal Crossing are type of games that have very wide appealing among families, kids and casuals, and they need lower price point for better effect among them.

I could see the new model launching with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. That way Nintendo can end the holiday with max profits and push on with the sales bump coming of the first Pokemon game. And then when the mainline pokemon hits, things explode even further .

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Miyamotoo said:

Smaller, cheaper Switch with better battery life has most sense when we know that 3DS dying and they will need lower price point instead, not actually more price version of Switch.

And like some people stated, with launch of Gen 8 Pokemon they will want much more affordable Switch then $300 Switch.


I could see something like this