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Forums - General Discussion - Which national flag do you like most ?(except your country)

like the flag of canada

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if I had to pick one that wasn't our own.... I'd say Ivory coast

not sure why... but as an irish person I say 1 gust of wind could make that flag great.

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People saying Japan. Are you sure it's the flag you like or the culture? Cuz Japan's flag is quite honestly ugly and I think ya'll misinterpreted what the thread is asking

I agree with Palou. South Korea's flag is nice.

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Most Caribbean flags are great, simple, bold. Trinidad and Tobago is probably my favourite.

Hmm, pie.

Canada, UK, and Japan.

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I'm really surprised that no one mentioned Welsh and Tibetan flag.

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Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

I'm really surprised that no one mentioned Welsh and Tibetan flag.

I personally hate the Welsh flag, I find it to be overly complex. Same could be said for the Tibetan one (but no one mentioned that one probably because it's not a national flag).


Bhutans flag

Visually, Imperial Japan's flag is striking, South Korea's as well. I hate any flag with lettering/words on it, just makes it look cluttered and silly. Ghana's flag is nice as well, pretty, memorable and not too busy.

I wish my country (Australia) would change it's flag, it's not a bad flag or anything, but it's not very representative of who we are as a country, and there are so many good redesigns already out there.

I spend heaps of time on r/vexillology, would recommend it to anyone who's interested in these sorts of things.

My favorites, with the exclusion of my country´s flag,  are the Argentinian, Canadian and South African flags.

The first two because of their color combinations and unique central design.  The African flag because of its unusual combination of colors.