Forums - Gaming Discussion - August NPD result are out NSW: ~203K PS4: ~197K XB1: ~162K 3DS: ~71K

I remember when we had big threads about these.

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Pretty close this month. September and October should belong to PS4, november will be fun to watch.

Switch is no longer down compared to last year.

The PS4 had a nice rebound from July, up significantly month on month and up 10% year on year. Seems the PS4 Pro stock issues are slowly being addressed.

The Switch's performance this year has been impressive considering the platform's relative lack of third party support and the big first-party titles this year to date having been Octopath Traveler and the latest Kirby game. Nintendo's launch year first-party line-up, together with a rapidly expanding indie library, have proven almost single-handedly sufficient for the Switch to have a second sales year just as impressive as it's first. I think that right there is a testament to the innate appeal of the clever type of hardware that Nintendo went with this time around, as well as the amount of investment Nintendo put into their launch line-up this gen.

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Are the ps4 pros in the same category as the ps4 sales, does MS could X sales with the 1

It took until the Spiderman edition for me to get a pro, it was ridiculous I could have overpaid but no fun in that,  I think Sony was surprised once they had some really good pro games sales would flourish

eastcoastrider said:

Are the ps4 pros in the same category as the ps4 sales, does MS could X sales with the 1

Yes they are counted together

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Nintendo Switch kickin' it. And I haven't bought my, yet. You know, I said the same thing about the PS4 before I bought the PS4 Pro. Hmmmm....

Intrinsic said:
6k difference between the NS and PS4. thats about 3% of total saes. Might as well be a tie.

Next few months gonna be good.

And the PS4 is going on 5 years old AND is still $299. I guess exclusives help. September is going to be a bloodbath. I hope Sony does do a whole week of $199 for BF, again, only with more stock. And I hope they do a permanent drop to $249 after that deal ends.