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Forums - Movies Discussion - Henry Cavill Quits The Superman Role

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Henry Cavill Exits DC Films Because Warner Bros. Doesn't Need A Superman


I've been saying this for the longest! Warner Brothers was always looking for the quick buck without risking the investment. This is why Marvel succeeded. They invested in their product with confidence. Whereas all WB needed to do was focus more on Superman before rushing into Justice League (which also turned out to be terrible). F U WB. F U hard with a sand paper. You F'n punks!

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So sad we'll never have a DC movie universe like Marvel. It was handled so poorly and so rushed, and now what can they do?

Superman sucks. I have never seen a single movie with the character (other than the Lego Movies) . He is so boring and uninteresting. The DCEU is a disaster. I promised I would not watch any of their movies but I saw Wonder Woman because I wanted to support female directors and superheroes. Didn't like. They should burn down the whole studio and start over.


I think Henry Cavill will make a good James Bond after Daniel Craig though.

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The DCU movies were bad and Henry Cavill was bad in them, unsurpring he's out

Michael B. Jordan as SuperMan would be sweet tho

DC should do well made stand alone films... instead of the weird connected stuff they are trying.

Hmm, pie.

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Well apparently Cavill was asking for too much money, like A list contract but he really isnt worth that.
Anyway, he's off To TV now and has no movie scheduled so that may be a sign its not just WB but other companies dont seem to want him too.

Tulipanzo said:
The DCU movies were bad and Henry Cavill was bad in them, unsurpring he's out

Michael B. Jordan as SuperMan would be sweet tho

But... he's black though ...


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Well, DC doesn't seem to be doing much progress with their universe.

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Seems like he chose to play Geralt over Superman, seems he's out as Superman because of scheduling conflicts created by him playing Geralt for the Witcher tv series. The rumors must be true, he must be a pretty big Witcher fan to chose to play Geralt over a bigger role like Superman.

Good. DCEU is trash.

Dive fully into the Geralt role.