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Forums - Sony Discussion - What's your opinion of Spider-man so far?


So far...

I'm loving it. (Mindblown) 32 48.48%
Enjoying it 15 22.73%
It's ... decent. 7 10.61%
Have yet to play 5 7.58%
It's bad. 2 3.03%
It's terrible. 2 3.03%
Comments/indifferent/middle America. 3 4.55%

Enjoyed it so far but hardly seems to be a revelation...probably haven’t given it a fair go...initial thoughts....well made but also seems like a greatest hits of every other game I’ve played this and last gen, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I like the Batman Arkham games and they weren’t exactly original either. Hopefully there’s enough to keep me interested. Normally a release like this I would’ve been devoting almost every minute of the last day and a half towards but so far I’m a bit unenthusiastic. Hope it changes...gameplay seems good and refined. Combat and webbing controls are cool.

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ok just got through a few missions. currently fixing those police radio towers.

having a blast. it's so much fun web swinging through my home town.

The limited edition looks really nice and the install time takes equally long.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

Swinging through the city is thrillingly awesome combat is great, feels very much like a traditional open-world game doesn't do much new

Those research stations were goofy.

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I’m enjoying the game but those radio towers made me feel like I was playing infamous or something....

Normally, I'm not very into these "super hero" games like Infamous, Prototype, Crackdown, Agents of Mayhem, etc. because the quests, side quests and collectibles often end up feeling like monotonous tasks on a checklist and the story an afterthought. Additionally, the gameplay tend to be a bit repetitive due to the limited variation in combat (no weapons) and traversing (no accessible cars). Lastly, the worlds in these games tend to have less variation, details and interactions.

For me, Spider-Man suffers a little bit from these points as well but overall I've been positively surprised so far. Playing on the hardest difficulty makes the combat fun and challenging. I'm loving the boss fights. And yeah, web-slinging through streets and blocks is pretty amazing.

im waiting for the game of the year edition in a year or so after the dlc has been included for a reasonable price.

interesting takes so far, still seems like some love it or just meh about it, havent really seen anything much about anyone hating it.


I'm not going to lie. I wanted to like this game but I didn't.
Now, I love it. So much fun. My favorite game so far this year.

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Webswinging is a lot faster than in the PS2 game. Sometimes it can be so fast that its easy to lose momentum, and wind up walking through the street, or crawling on the side of a building. I've unlocked the ability to hit X twice in order to gain speed, and that has made it a lot easier to stay in the air. When finding backpacks, crimes, or other things on rooftops, I find myself drastically overshooting the landing zone. I wish there was a braking ability or something. I haven't unlocked all the webswinging abilities though, so it may be there down the line. Also, it may just come down to how skilled I am with the game.

Stealth is fun, but a bit difficult. Wide open spaces like the Fisk construction sites are a lot different than the claustrophobic stealth areas in the Arkham games. Batman just has more gadgets, and ways to take enemies out. But then again, I haven't unlocked anywhere near all of the gadgets that Spidey has in this game. I also, haven't had the game teach me every last stealth attack yet. Currently doing a mission where I have to take enemies out in an art gallery. I kind of wish Spidey had the ability to hide behind corners, and do takedowns that way, but that would take away from the feeling of being Spiderman.

Combat is really good, and there's definitely a way to make Spidey airborne the entire fight, but I haven't mastered it. Enemies with guns are really annoying. Can't wait to unlock the ability to yoik guns out of their hands.

Being able to customize your suit with different gadgets and abilities is great. I hope there's a way to save favorite setups.

The game gives you ways to earn extra XP such as stealthing three enemies, but I 'm having trouble figuring out how to get the list to appear during combat. 

TL/DR: Having fun, but haven't learned everything yet. I feel like I'm playing BotW, and have just barely left the Great Plateau.

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