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My girlfriend broke up with me through text. Worst following six months of my life. I'm still pretty young but still.

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You absolutely cannot do it by text. In person is best, but at least do it by phone. It is simply not fair to do it in a way where the other person cannot say anything to you. She deserves to hear the reason why, if she wants. There are some other reasonable questions that one may have as well, she deserves to be able to ask them. You're certainly not required to give her answers, but you have to say no to her face, not hide behind a block feature.

I think lots of people have spoken. And I agree. BUT sort out within yourself why you want to break up. Make sure you have a clear reason why. And make sure you tell her too. Don't be anything less than a man. If you take the easy way out now you will take the easy way out every time and in the end you will only hurt yourself!

If you have no balls it is, if you want to be a decent person it is not.

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If you really care about her then you need to do all that you can so she will dump you.
No one likes being dumped so to repay her for her kindness you need to end it in a way that doesn't make her feel bad, which is by getting her to dump you!

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Never get a girlfriend in the first place. Problem solved.

Yes, he should go back in time, kill his past self so he will never get a girlfriend. Then just travel back and everything's solved.

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Da fuq is wrong with you? That's some scum shit. Do it in person or at least a phone call. Do you not understand how important time, effort, and especially closure are to a person? Do not end it with a text.

Don't do it via text man, that's horrible. Use FaceTime.


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At least give her the respect of ending it face too face.

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