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Do you workout ?

Yes, almost every day 25 28.09%
Yes, quite often 31 34.83%
Barely 18 20.22%
No, don't want to 12 13.48%
No, can't afford it 3 3.37%

I do different things depending on the time of the year, I mostly practice body combat, lift some weights and do anaerobic exercises. I alternate routines every day and end up doing 50 minutes approx. 4 or 5 days of the week.
During Christmas, summer, and Easter vacations I practice futbol (I like to be a goalkeeper and a forward) and volleyball, but I don't play in a league or anything I just go and find and empty field with my friends, or at the beach.

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Running, lifting, calisthenics and other gym exercises almost everyday. Highly recommend it. If you commit, you'll notice results very quickly. Cutting out or at least limiting junk food also helps.

Lonely_Dolphin said:
Even if I physically could, I wouldn't. Boring and serves no purpose to me.

What do you mean if you physically could?

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

As a teen I competed in wrestling, boxing & MMA so I would workout over 4 hours a day then as I got into my 20s a combination of injuries, full time career and starting a family resulted in me having to stop competing and just do it as a hobby and eventually I just stopped working out altogether and i gained about 70 pounds (from 165 to 235) over the course of a few years.
About a year ago I really started taking my health more seriously again, I improved my diet (nothing specific, just portion control and limiting sweets) and started working out again (lifting and cardio 4-6x/week), I'm now down to about 200 pounds (trying to lose another 15) and feel 100% better.

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

I'm slowly trying to workout a bit again. I had to stop since November due to a back injury which I'm still recovering from. It's only been a week since I can get a full night sleep again without the pain waking me up.

The damage is quite a lot. Instead of easily reaching my toes I can now hardly reach my knees, putting on socks is a struggle. I lost almost 5 kg, likely mostly muscle mass since I completely stopped weight lifting. The only thing I still do is 40 pull ups every other day. I used to workout with 60 pound dumbbells. Today I tried push up, side plank exercise, barely made it to 50 instead of 130 reps. Still not bad.

My exercise nowadays consists of long walks, good for my back. I went on a 2 hour walk today through the forest in a snow storm. The weather isn't helping my recovery with temperatures down to -20c. Jogging is still painful, 100 meters a couple times, and just walk.

I have an inversion table at home to help stretch my back, and while hanging upside down I do a couple ab crunches. I don't dare do those yet while laying on the ground, too much pressure on my back. It's hard to get going again. I probably got the injury from weight lifting in the first place, or at least it made it a lot worse by trying to continue to exercise at first. Listen to your body, no pain no gain is bullshit.

Anyway, I'm happy I can function again without pain meds, can sleep again, can sit again for a bit without too much discomfort, driving is getting easier. I could hardly move at Christmas with the maximum dosage of all the pain meds I could take, so best the focus on all the things I can do again instead of all that I still can't and lost. At least walking through the snow is very relaxing, just have to be careful not to slip. I'm glad I live close to a nice forested area around a river, beautiful, only a 20 minute walk from home. No problem getting those 10K steps a day in.

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It has been proven time and time again that people can only gain muscle if they take steroids and other chemical to put on muscle mass. Eating more calories and more Protein does not help anyone gain muscle mass it only converts to body fat and you get fatter over time. Some bicep curls, push ups, sit ups and the 20 to 30 minute weight sessions will not improve muscle mass unless you take steroids and the other chemicals the body builders use.

Weight lifting is out for me because I am weak and I can not lift weights and I find bicep curls, push ups, sit ups and the other weight exercises boring. I discovered focusing on cardio like walking, jogging and cycling are good enough to keep fit. Body mass index is the best measurement for health and I fit well within the 18 to 25 BMI range. BMI is calculated by height in m/(weight in kg(squared)). There is nothing wrong with weight lifting/body building if that is what you enjoy doing and you are strong enough to do it. Some of us like me look stupid attempting weights and it is best doing activities that are less impact than weight lifting.

You can put on plenty muscle mass without steroids. Protein is needed to repair muscle since mostly what you're doing in a workout is slightly ripping / stretching muscle to grow back stronger. Hence, no pain no gain. However too much is no good either. For some people it's easier of course, and for some very hard. Plus stronger muscles can be a liability as well as I have found out. It's easier to injure yourself when everything doesn't work in balance. The more strength, the bigger the chance to overdo something or rip something beyond normal recovery.

I dislocated a rib a couple years ago and now still recovering from a swollen disc in my lower back. I'm keeping the weight down from now on. 20 pound dumbbells instead of 40. I'm not touching the 60 pound ones for bicep curls anymore, only use the 40 for careful bench press type lifting. I don't want all that previous effort waste away completely.

I still walk a lot and do some careful jogging in between to keep my stamina up. My back is still not all better so still have to be careful. The nerve in my back still has issues which mostly translates in pain in my right foot and back upper leg. It usually acts up in the evening after a long day of activity. Sit ups on the floor don't work for me, too much pressure on my back. However push ups, planck, pull ups, I can still do. As well as a couple ab crunches while using the inversion table. 2 birds with one stone, stretch my back and strengthen my ab muscles.

I want to work out. But I almost didn't do sports in the last couple of years for various reasons.

I can and want to workout again, and I'm cycling to work everyday. I usually gain and lose muscle/fat easily (easy yo-yo), but boy, I tried working out last week, and this time the break was way too long and my body is in a pretty bad state, it was way too hard!

Well, with the cycling, a better nutrition and a bit of light workout, I should be able to improve slowly and get back into shape. I'll try to find a sport to do too, I always prefer that to just working out... It's going to be long and difficult anyway.

I like the feeling of being in shape, so yes I do. Even if strength and endurance has no direct impact on my life, it is an essential part of who I am to train.

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On and off gym goer for years but getting back into 5x5 3-4 times a week. Bulky with a gut, I love chocolate and beer too much haha