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Who is Sony's PS mascot?

Kratos 25 39.68%
Nathan Drake 20 31.75%
Ratchet and Clank 4 6.35%
Helghast 0 0%
Sackboy 7 11.11%
Other 7 11.11%

Pepsiman. He's exclusive to the PS platform. Runs real fast. Drinks Pepsi. Gamefan Magazine gave it a 90/100 review score. That's GOW territory.



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Those are all Sony Mascot's at one time, but Crash Bandicoot was the best when he went to Nintendo calling them out

twintail said:

Im not really sure why they need to have one.


Some people do associate Kratos and Nathan Drake with Playstation, but really they aren't so intrinsically connected to the brand that they're mascots. People see Mario or Sonic, and they think Nintendo and Sega.

None. No character has come even close to that position. Crash was close 20 years ago, but there's been nothing comparable since.

Knack is the true Sony Mascot.

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Azzanation said:
Between Kratos or Nathan Drake.
Sackboy? What's so leading about Sackboy? Ratch n Clank arent even made by Sony and Helghast? I havnt even heard of him/her/it.
I say Kratos. His made by Sony, he has been in a ton of kameos and his not like Drake where he has retired. Kratos has alot more left in his tank. Only downfall with Kratos is his not for the kids so the moscot is clearly aimed for the mature gamers.

Sony OWNS the Ratchet and Clank IP.  They have Insomniac handle it, but could pass it to another studio if they saw fit.


Helghast are the antagonist race of the Killzone IP, and have had a presence in the PS brand for a long time.


Sackboy has had a stong presence on all Sony platforms from the PS3 onward, though he has lost steam with LBP3.  He has been used often in promoting the PS4 overall though.


Just because you may not be privy to an aspect of Sony IPs does not mean that those options are null.  Most people know about them, regardless of your personal perception.

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John2290 said:
And Aloy is missing from the poll for... what reason exactly? She seems to be alongside Kratos and Drake in marketing just as much if not more. Alas though, drake is going the way of Crash so Kratos, Aloy and Atreus are all that are really left.

Alloy has been in one game  and cannot qualify as a mascot that represents generations of the Playstation brand.

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PlayStation is mascot-fluid.

None, PS is diverse for a reason. Sony gives the devs creative freedom to move on from any ip or stick with it like with Uncharted and God of War.

I go for Ratchet & Clank as their mascots. I think that after Spider-Man, Insomniac should double down on a Ratchet & Clank game based on the Bogon galaxy and go even bigger with more arcs, introducing more characters like Ace Hardlight and Talwyn.