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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Help me decide what game to get


Which game to get?

Bayonneta 1+2 5 20.83%
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate 4 16.67%
Octopath Traveler 15 62.50%

So it's time to dust off my dusty Switch. 

There are three games I am interested in, and I don't know which to get: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Octopath Traveler, and Bayonetta 1+2. There are a few pros and cons to all. 

Bayonetta 1+2:

+Bayonetta 2 is one of my favorite games

+I already know I'll love it

-I want to start buying games digitally on Switch and Bayonetta 1 does not come with Bayonetta 2 for free (I believe both are $70 together digitally vs $50 physically) 

-I have already played both of them and have very little new to discover compared to the others

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate:

+Big Monster Hunter fan since 4 Ultimate 

-I bought and played Generations on the 3DS after putting hundreds of hours into 4U and was severely disappointed

+I've believed ever since Monster Hunter World that I kind of took for granted the specific style of older games and am now kind of desperate to recapture it, so I might like it more now

Octopath Traveler:

+By far the most "new" I could get out of any of the choices, only played the old 2017 Demo

+Love the art style and the idea of an epic quest game 

-I have a difficult time getting into JRPGs: The useless items that you have no idea what to do with, the long dry dialogue, the complex combat systems that come out of nowhere 30 hours in, and usually the pretty mediocre stories

-Didn't know how to destroy the boss in the first Demo (not really holding it against the game but if it doesn't do a better job teaching combat then ...)

+At the same time, it is easily the genre I have the most interest in getting into, old school or not


I know that threads like these do not ultimately decide the answer, but it would definitely be a determining factor. I'd love to hear some of the opinions and takes on the games. 

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get bayo

Octopath is easy to play, but the different stories can be pretty generic for some, and you have to look out for somewhat frequent grinding times. I personally recommend it.

Bayonetta is a safe bet, but whether you will enjoy them as much as you did last time or not depends on you.

Monster Hunter is a Capcom game. Avoid at all costs.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Bayonetta is the highest quality one out of the 3.

Monster Hunter is Monster Hunter.

Can't really recommend Octopath, there are much better games to get into the genre.

Bayo 1+2 was very much worth buying a second time as someone who had them previously on Wii U. Since I'm all digital for the Switch, I can confirm that you get both games for $60 on the eShop, when you buy one the other gets discounted immediately.

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Sounds like you want Bayo. No point in MH Generations Ultimate if you didn't like Generations or World. No point in Octopath as it sounds like a JRPG through and through.

Monster Hunter is the only one I've heard of...but I think you should just pick one at random if you don't know what to choose. I do it all the time!

Octopath. It's a new game so try it out. Buy it physical though. That way if you don't like it then you can sell/trade it and get one of the other two games.

Seems like a waste to me to buy the Bayo games if you've already played them. But if you're any amazing as me, because I own the Xbox 360 release of the first game and both Bayo 1+2 for both Wii U and Switch, maybe you should. These games are always amazing and Bayo 2 benefits from the increased frame rate.

However, it sounds like Monster Hunter is your easy bet, since you struggle to get into JRPGs, and Octopath really is a hit or mis kind of game. I still can't get into it either, honestly, I own it. The stories are nothing that much special, and, as a result, I can hardly care about the setting it tries to get me in. The visuals are is its strongest asset, but they can get tiring, and if you aren't that fond of classic JRPGs, I think it wouldn't have much going on for you.

My bet with The_Liquid_Laser: I think the Switch won't surpass the PS2 as the best selling system of all time. If it does, I'll play a game of a list that The_Liquid_Laser will provide, I will have to play it for 50 hours or complete it, whatever comes first. 

Get Octopath, it's the only one of those with framerate.

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