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So it's time to dust off my dusty Switch. 

There are three games I am interested in, and I don't know which to get: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Octopath Traveler, and Bayonetta 1+2. There are a few pros and cons to all. 

Bayonetta 1+2:

+Bayonetta 2 is one of my favorite games

+I already know I'll love it

-I want to start buying games digitally on Switch and Bayonetta 1 does not come with Bayonetta 2 for free (I believe both are $70 together digitally vs $50 physically) 

-I have already played both of them and have very little new to discover compared to the others

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate:

+Big Monster Hunter fan since 4 Ultimate 

-I bought and played Generations on the 3DS after putting hundreds of hours into 4U and was severely disappointed

+I've believed ever since Monster Hunter World that I kind of took for granted the specific style of older games and am now kind of desperate to recapture it, so I might like it more now

Octopath Traveler:

+By far the most "new" I could get out of any of the choices, only played the old 2017 Demo

+Love the art style and the idea of an epic quest game 

-I have a difficult time getting into JRPGs: The useless items that you have no idea what to do with, the long dry dialogue, the complex combat systems that come out of nowhere 30 hours in, and usually the pretty mediocre stories

-Didn't know how to destroy the boss in the first Demo (not really holding it against the game but if it doesn't do a better job teaching combat then ...)

+At the same time, it is easily the genre I have the most interest in getting into, old school or not


I know that threads like these do not ultimately decide the answer, but it would definitely be a determining factor. I'd love to hear some of the opinions and takes on the games.