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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most Anticipated New Release of September


Most Anticipated New Release of September

Dragon Quest XI 268 16.07%
FIFA 19 51 3.06%
Life Is Strange 2 29 1.74%
NBA 2K19 17 1.02%
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 190 11.39%
Spider-Man 666 39.93%
Valkyria Chronicles 4 100 6.00%
Xenoblade Chronicles 2: T... 212 12.71%
Other - Game Not on the List 46 2.76%
Other - Nothing This Month 89 5.34%

Spider-Man for sure

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Dragon Quest 11 on my birthday!

Destiny 2 Forsaken and Fifa 19.

Since I'm going to pre order the ultimate edition digitally which means I can start playing it on September the 28th it going to be Forza Horizon 4.

Dragon Quest XI

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Torn between my beloved Tomb Raider and Valkyria Chronicles 4. Both are potential Game of the Year candidates for me.

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Spider-Man and Valkyria Chronicles 4 are neck and neck for me. Spider-Man just barely edges out a win. Torna is just a bit below those. I'll get DQ XI when it comes out on Switch. Tomb Raider looks good, but not insanely good.

Kyuu said:

DQXI with VC4 coming close. Sad how little interest people are showing in the latter even though it'll be available on all platforms including Switch.

What is Valkyria Chronicles? I didn't know it was coming to Switch, and didn't know the series existed until maybe a month ago, and assumed it was PS4 exclusive.

Don't have a PS4 or Xbox One, so a lot of these don't apply to me. I'm most excited for Undertale's Switch release at this point, as I never got to play it on PC or anywhere else, and the hype for that game at the time was unreal, so I've been dying to try it.

Spiderman not even close

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