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Most Anticipated New Release of September

Dragon Quest XI 268 16.07%
FIFA 19 51 3.06%
Life Is Strange 2 29 1.74%
NBA 2K19 17 1.02%
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 190 11.39%
Spider-Man 666 39.93%
Valkyria Chronicles 4 100 6.00%
Xenoblade Chronicles 2: T... 212 12.71%
Other - Game Not on the List 46 2.76%
Other - Nothing This Month 89 5.34%

This week's front page poll - Most Anticipated New Release of September.

As we get closer to the holiday the release list gets longer and longer, which makes selecting just 8 or 9 titles really tough. So apologies if the game you want to vote for isn't on the list - I'm limited to 10 options, and I always like to reserve one for a 'Nothing' option.

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DQ11, duh.

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Tomb Raider

its Dragon Quest XI the most for me. Hype levels super high

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Dragon Quest XI
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC


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What an awesome September! So many high quality releases!

Spider-Man and Tomb Raider.

I loved the first Life is Strange, but I haven't played before the storm and I don't plan on playing 2, the original story gave me what I wanted. Life is Strange was the story of Max and Chloe, and that story has ended.

DQXI with VC4 coming close. Sad how little interest people are showing in the latter even though it'll be available on all platforms including Switch.

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Spider-man and DB FighterZ

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