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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bethesda says that all of their games on Switch have been "hugely popular".

Miyamotoo said:
DélioPT said:


Its not point about whats is OK for me, but yes, if we have continued support than yes, I am OK with that. Also you dont know if that is bare minimum or not, dont act like you do.

Maybe, you cant know that, maybe they have new numbers, maybe he was also carried away and said hugely popular, but at end point is same, they are satisfied with sale. Skyrim is one of most popular 3rd party games on Switch, so yeah we can say its quite popular game on Switch, espacily when Switch has install base of around 20m.

When i said the bare minimum i was talking about sales, release schedules, support from 3rd parties, not stealing customers from Sony and MS, etc. .
And with that in mind, you have shown that you are fine with things just… working. The last time we talked you said that the 1st semester line-up was more than fine. From what i read here, those 20Million consoles probably won't be so easy to achieve. Why? We discussed this before and you dind't see a problem there, so there's no point in resuming that conversation - also keeping in mind that it would be WAY off-topic..

This is what i am talking about: if it works well, it's enough for you. And it's your right to think that way, you just have the habit of criticising others for not settling for whatever good news come out.

Just look at your second paragraph: "maybe he was also carried away and said hugely popular,"
When i said it, i had an agenda.

I'm glad they are satisfied because that means they will keep their support.
But i have the right to question why they were satisfied: was it because expectations were low; sales were way higher than vgchartz has them? It's a honest question.
And i still say that it doesn't add up being satisfied in April and calling them hugely popular a few months after. To me, it's either he exaggerated or expectations were low. 

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