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Forums - Sales Discussion - July 2018 NPD: Switch #1, Octopath Traveller #1 software, UPDATE

TruckOSaurus said:
KLAMarine said: 

Those retro consoles are cheaper than the bigger counterparts so they have that going for them.

Not to mention they also come with a collection of high quality games.

Nothing sells hardware like software!

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I wonder how is Bleszinski doing. You know, CLIFF Bleszinski, Ho ho ho.

Chorlin said:
I wonder how is Bleszinski doing. You know, CLIFF Bleszinski, Ho ho ho.

I wonder what happened to him ?

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switch  numbers have my jaw dropped. finally a month where switch does insane numbers.

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Switch did great here I think Switch will win August too

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JRPGfan said:

Seems our In Progress NPD prediction tool was off by a bit.

In there was it:
Switch 1.0
XB1 0.5
PS4 0.34

But actual numbers (above by Miyamoto) says:
Switch 1.0
PS4 0.71
XB1 0.58

It got it right that the Switch won the month, but it greatly under predicted the PS4 sales, and seems to have over valued the XB1 numbers.

Im actualy abit surprised by the news, that the PS4 did as well as it did this month.
The online rankings for PS4's wherent great in july on amazon/bestbuy/gamestop ect.

I think the Xbox ratio is an acceptable margin of error, 0.50 vs 0.58, thats right in the same ballpark which is all i expect from the prediction tool.

As for PS4, it was way off, probably due the widespread Pro shortage online, now that some retailers are getting it back PS4 seems to be performing closer to normal.

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Largest July's of 8th gen:

Switch - 263k (2018)
Switch - 222k (2017)
PS4 - 218k (2015)
PS4 - 217k (2017)
XBO - 189k (2015)
PS4 - 187k (2018)
PS4 - 187k (2014)
XBO - 171k (2016)
PS4 - 161k (2016)
XBO - 151k (2018)
XBO - 131k (2014)

This is also the largest sales for a console in July since 2011 when the 360 sold 277k.

Yay!!!! Switch and Octopath doing sooo well!!!!
MK8D and BOTW too!!!


And it broke the record too!!! WOW!

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BlackBeauty said:
Happy for Octopath. A jrpg. It did THAT.

And a new IP too! 

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So,when does the software list is going to be out?

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