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Forums - Sales Discussion - July 2018 NPD: Switch #1, Octopath Traveller #1 software, UPDATE

Congrats to Switch. July is a slow month so Octopath being #1 doesn't surprise me

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Two months in a row with a weekly sales rate above 60k after two awful months in spring with ~40k per week. That's a notable increase in Switch momentum since E3.

The 3DS is holding surprisingly well, so it definitely has one solid holiday season left in it.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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jason1637 said:
Congrats to Switch. July is a slow month so Octopath being #1 doesn't surprise me

It doesn't surprise me in terms of physical only sales. However it would surprise the hell out of me if it's still #1 on the actual NPD report which includes digital for most (non-Nintendo) games.

Alright Octopath Traveler!! :D

quickrick said:

switch  numbers have my jaw dropped. finally a month where switch does insane numbers.


Lmao! I was just thinking where is he to fell us that Switch only won because ps4 had shortages. For the Switch to have the highest July of the last five years is certainly an eye opener.


EDIT: highest July in 7 years.

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Errorist76 said:

It's almost as if great exclusives would sell consoles. Congrats to Nintendo!


JRPGfan said: 

Seems our In Progress NPD prediction tool was off by a bit.

In there was it:
Switch 1.0
XB1 0.5
PS4 0.34

But actual numbers (above by Miyamoto) says:
Switch 1.0
PS4 0.71
XB1 0.58

It got it right that the Switch won the month, but it greatly under predicted the PS4 sales, and seems to have over valued the XB1 numbers.

Im actualy abit surprised by the news, that the PS4 did as well as it did this month.
The online rankings for PS4's wherent great in july on amazon/bestbuy/gamestop ect.

Name me one reason why X1 should've sold more than PS4 that month.

PS4 seemed out of stock online? same wasnt true for the Xbox One.
Thats why the prediction tool had the XB1 ahead of the PS4 for the month.

Mar1217 said:
Chorlin said:
I wonder how is Bleszinski doing. You know, CLIFF Bleszinski, Ho ho ho.

I wonder what happened to him ?

He closed his studio, and fired people.... then took a break from developeing games right?
Dude still has tons of money, and at some point if he thinks of a new concept or wants to make another game, he ll probably give it another go?

XB1 actually fell pretty hard. If it was 250k last month then it sold 50k/week.


This month it sold <40k/week.

PS4 even worse from 75k/week to 45k/week. Not sure on the supply though.

Impressive numbers of hardware and software for Nintendo. This is going to be the second best year for the console, being the best one next year, so right now is the moment to sell historically well for Switch.

The disappointing number for PS4 could be the "tide effect" before a tsunami. This is just the calm before the storm for PS4 sales because of Sony building stock for Spiderman in September....maybe.

And Xbox One..., well, they're profitable I guess....

Impressive. Great sales for "Octopath Taveler" . This game is so beautiful :) Especially impressive are the great characters, the story and emotions, soundtracks, details and atmosphere :)

Also gratulation@best Games-Console. Maybe more than 30 million units, end of december ??! Its possible. In August "Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate", in october "Super Mario Party",  and many other big games in november and december, with "Super Smash Bros Ultimate" - Game of the Year 2018, thats sure! Fantastic time, good for us :)