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Forums - Sales Discussion - July 2018 NPD: Switch #1, Octopath Traveller #1 software, UPDATE

KLAMarine said: 
TheGamer_1995 said: 

Classic Retro consoles selling better than any of the modern consoles? O.o  That says a lot about modern games.

Those retro consoles are cheaper than the bigger counterparts so they have that going for them.

Not to mention they also come with a collection of high quality games.

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Yay, the cliff ! Nostradamus was right

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Errorist76 said:

It's almost as if great exclusives would sell consoles. Congrats to Nintendo!


JRPGfan said: 

Seems our In Progress NPD prediction tool was off by a bit.

In there was it:
Switch 1.0
XB1 0.5
PS4 0.34

But actual numbers (above by Miyamoto) says:
Switch 1.0
PS4 0.71
XB1 0.58

It got it right that the Switch won the month, but it greatly under predicted the PS4 sales, and seems to have over valued the XB1 numbers.

Im actualy abit surprised by the news, that the PS4 did as well as it did this month.
The online rankings for PS4's wherent great in july on amazon/bestbuy/gamestop ect.

Name me one reason why X1 should've sold more than PS4 that month.

Prime Day sales, 4-5 SKUs available at all times whereas PS4 had 0-1 for most of the month.

Great month for the Switch. Well done Nintendo!

I wonder if the distortion was caused by Prime Day? The Switch and Xbone got deals that greatly swelled their Amazon performance while PS4 was MIA. As a result, the PS4 was disproportionately affected in terms of standings in the predictor. Could that distortion alone explain the discrepancy?

Really more surprised about Octopath than the Switch. Great to see what would probably be considered a "niche" game having that kind of success. I think it's a good thing for the whole industry when different genres of games can be successful.

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Also, I think this shows the value of consistent releases cultivating a healthy baseline as well as the impact of Octopath. Sales for Switch were picking up at the end of June and that wave continued into July. And the driving force for that was not only Mario Tennis but a consistent stream of content: Paladins, Fortnite, Wolfenstein 2, Crash Bandicoot, Ys VIII, Hollow Knight, Inside, Limbo, all these launched between E3 and the end of June. Now obviously these aren't all equally big but they kept the Switch in the headlines, kept the library going. That kind of period gives the platform a healthy image and keeps its mindshare high. I think that really helped June be competitive and definitely helped set up the July win.

Bofferbrauer2 said:
tbone51 said:
Falling off a cliff ;)

It's clearly falling upwards ^^

Shift in gravity, I suppose :P


Also, time to celebrate Octopath successful venture in US(and probably WW) !!

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Crazy how Octo is doing so well with big shortages. Square must be really happy with the sales. No doubt we will see lots of games from them

Nintendo cleaned up between software, and hardware between Switch and the Classic line. 3DS is dying, but still it's viable to keep on the market. Good stuff all around.

Happy for Octopath. A jrpg. It did THAT.