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Forums - Sales Discussion - Which Top-Selling New Release of 2018 Most Exceeded Retail Sales Expectations in Q1&2?


Which Top-Selling New Release of 2018 Most Exceeded Retail Sales Expectations in Q1&2?

Far Cry 5 49 4.75%
Monster Hunter: World 282 27.33%
God of War 436 42.25%
Dragon Ball FighterZ 45 4.36%
Kirby Star Allies 69 6.69%
EA Sports UFC 3 1 0.10%
Shadow of the Colossus 17 1.65%
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 92 8.91%
Detroit: Become Human 31 3.00%
MLB The Show 18 10 0.97%

This week's front-page poll.

The site's full estimates for Q1&2 are now posted and so we now have a list of the best-selling new releases of the year so far. Which of these has most surprised you with its sales success at retail and/or exceeded expectations generally?

For reference, here are our estimated top 10 new releases of 2018:

Far Cry 5 - 4.98 Million

Monster Hunter: World - 4.93 Million

God of War - 4.41 Million

Dragon Ball FighterZ - 1.51 Million

Kirby Star Allies - 1.35 Million

EA Sports UFC 3 - 0.89 Million

Shadow of the Colossus - 0.88 Million

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - 0.83 Million

Detroit: Become Human - 0.80 Million

MLB The Show 18 - 0.72 Million

Note - Mario Tennis Aces would've made it onto the list with an extra week of sales. Unfortunately it released too late to fare well with an arbitrary Q2 cut-off point. As it is you'll have to vote for something else if that's what you were going to opt for.

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Definitely Monster Hunter World. Became Capcom's fastest selling game ever.



Who's voting for God of War. Anyone with a bit of common sense could've guessed it would sell 15+ million seeing how Uncharted 4 had sold over 12 million and it looked way better.

I would have guess Octopath Traveler, but I see that it is not old enough yet to make the poll. Other than that I'd have to say Monster Hunter: World.

MH World. Especially in Japan.

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The top 3 all exceeded my expectations, especially Monster Hunter.
Sea of Thieves also shattered my expectations by having 5 million players but I don't know about its retail performance.

God of war 100%
It whas a differenr aproach and nobody expected it to get so much amazing praise,its also sony's fastest selling exclusive evee.

Nobody expected that.

But then again same thing with monster hunter.


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There's like zero reason it'd be anything other than Monster Hunter World.

The series just absolutely exploded in the west. Hell, Steamspy has it at over 2 million copies sold in just 3-4 days on PC.

The game has demolished every single Monster Hunter before and did so at the same time making the jump from portable to home console/PC and leaving behind its prime fanbase as a Japan-focused Nintendo handheld title. It blows everything on the list away because absolutely nobody thought MHW would do anywhere close to what it has done.

Kirby wasnt a surprise, dk kinda was as quick as it did.

mHW is by far #1

GoW was expected to do very well but nowhere near as fast so its impressive

SOTC wasn't a surprise hit, I expected it to do better given the internet hype surrounding it.

For the same reason I expected Far Cry 5 to sell like shit, Ubisoft has accrued a bad reputation and I saw the internet saying it was another Ubisoft open world game and didn't change the formula so they weren't buying it. Sold record amounts for Ubisoft and nearly as well as GTA 4 at release.

MHW did incredibly well and I did not expect it either, but I never had any idea of what it would sell like.

God of War sold incredibly well, post SOTC I thought the internet hype wouldn't become sales, early reports this year indicated preorders were low and God of War as a series had drastically declined in popularity this gen, and where critics loved the stories in the original games at their time of release they were harping on how one note it was this gen. So I was surprised to see God of War do so well, but on the other hand the direction is a lot more modern gamer friendly in that the story is in your face and characters are more sympathetic which I could see from earlier trailers so in that way I wasn't all that surprised with the sales.

I voted Far cry 5.