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Forums - Sales Discussion - July NPD 2018 predictions thread

July is a 4 weeks month

Important release



Possible hardware impact
- Prime day, Amazon
- PS4 Pro stock problems

Last month (estimate, we may get better numbers soon...):

[PS4] 377K
[NSW] 323K
[XB1] 256K

Last year:

[NSW] 222K
[PS4] 217K
[XB1] 123K


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Thanks to Liabe Brave for his estimate for June. The numbers are not leaks but calculated with the predictions on ERA, so the numbers are not perfect but he did a good job and should not be that different.



Now, about July:

[NSW] 241K
[XB1] 191K
[PS4] 188K

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[NSW] 320K
[PS4] 220K
[XB1] 200K

Hardware  : PS4
Software :  Octopath

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My prediction in 2021.

SW: 30m

PS5 16m

XBS: 7.5m

With the stock problems of the PS4, the prime day for XOne and the launch of Octopath for Switch,this is the first month of the year where there is a chance for PS4 to come in third.

[NSW] 280K
[XB1] 230K
[PS4] 200K

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If we go by Nintendo statement, it should be clear that the Switch would probably equalize or even do better than what it has done in June.

I'll go with the Switch.

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PS4 220k
switch 200k
xbox 150k

[NSW] 230K
[PS4] 150K
[XB1] 135K

[NSW] 230K
[XBO] 180K
[PS4] 165K

[NSW] 330K
[XBO] 210K
[PS4] 195K