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Forums - Sales Discussion - How is the Switch going to sell 20M when it only sold 1.88M this quarter?

konkari said:

Nintendo relies on 1st party games to do system selling, so if they have some BOTW type game coming out for holiday season, then maybe. But I think the xonsole sales will be lower this year because the expectation of the new Sony and MS consoles is starting to build up, and folks wait.

PS5 and Scarlet are far far away, and the overall market, the ones that are not forum dwellers, dont even know that they are (most likely) comming 2020.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

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Considering that at this point in time both DS and 3DS received their first major hardware revisions, plus price cuts and with Switch we've seen none of that, it leaves plenty of room to improve sales for Nintendo.

Smash Bros + Pokémon + Holiday pricing

Well, now that they have sold 5.07 million Nintendo Switches since March 31st (22.86 - 17.79 = 5.07) they could sell 10.93 million more in Q3 and 4 million more in Q4 and make their goal.


Q3 and Q4 have much bigger hardware moving software this year, than last year's Q3 and Q4 software.

It is a very risky game release schedule to meet their goals.

If say Animal Crossing and NSMBUD had also released in 2018, then they could have easily surpassed their sales targets by a few million.

They can still sell 37.79 million LTD by March 31st, but they will need both luck and huge marketing budget to make it.