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Forums - General Discussion - Pro Gamer breaks up with his girlfriend - who happens to be one of the most desired girls in the world.

she is a 10/10 girl but the dude can get any girl , lets not pretend he lost this beautiful girl and will never get any girl as hot as her. PRO player need to spend all time they can get on the career because its just 4 or 5 years tops and then stops.


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Anyone who objectively rates her less than a 9/10 is delusional.

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She wouldn't play with his joystick so he broke it off. It happens...

Marth said:
She is honestly not that pretty...

5/10 at best.

He can do way better me thinks.

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The characterization of this whole thing is stupid. He likely broke up with her over normal relationship problems like being incompatible or not getting along. The prettiest girls generally don't have the best personalities.

Imagine being good looking enough where you don't have to worry about losing a girl like that.

"Man dumps beautiful girl friend to play more video games" sounds weird.
"Professional leaves girl friend to focus on career", not so weird.

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TranceformerFX said:

I normally couldn't give two shits on what celebrity couple "breaks up", but this one needs a mention because of how unbelievably beautiful the girl is.


Personally think your need to get a bit more perspective. Relationships do not work based on physical attraction alone, and dating someone purely for those reasons will mean it is not going to last.

She looks good, but maybe she's a terrible person, we don't know. I think staying with someone only because they look good would be weirder lol...

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