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Forums - Politics Discussion - Gallup: 0% of Americans consider Russia the most important problem facing the country - most important topic is immigration/illegal aliens

So, just checked the poll more closely.
"Immigration/illegal aliens" isn't the most important topic. That's a LIE.
It's consistently behind "dissatisfaction with government/poor leadership", almost always by a double digit margin.
Only this month it was ahead (by a whole 3%!), but this is still frankly inaccurate.

Furthermore, depending on how you were compiling data, "situation with Russia" might very well mean "international relationship", and you could easily count people worried.
Or "immigration" might very well account for people, say, appaled by the family separation policy recently enacted.

What is important to note ultimately is that this data serves as a basis for what people would consider to be the "most important problem", but tells us nothing about how they actually feel about it or what their politics are.
You are making wild assumptions based on your politics on what the data could mean; and you're doing a poor job of it too.

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numberwang said:
sundin13 said:
That title is a lie. The question wasn't "Is Russia a Priority", the question is "Is Russia the Most Important Problem facing this Country".

There is a huge difference between the two, which shouldn't need to be explained.
Helloplite said:
Yup, as person above said, the OP is highly misleading here. This is not about what is "a" priority, but about which problem is "the most important problem". If I am asked what is the most important problem and I answered "X", that does not mean that "Y" is NOT a problem - just that in my opinion it is not "the most important problem".

Misleading tactics won't help.

Priority literally means to consider before (prior) anything else, so the most important thing.

Priority = "something that is very important and must be dealt with before [prior] other things"

doesn't say prior "anything else" that's what you said. It says "before other things" which means it's a priority over some things but does not mean it is the most important. Even says "very important" and not "most important"

Don't you see the difference between "very" or "most" and "other things" or "anything else"?


Sure, the poll is fake. Or maybe it just doesn't show what you want it to.

Do people think Russia is important? Sure. At least as far as it comes to protecting America from them in general. They obviously don't give a shit about this collusion BS the Left keeps hoping will produce something, but never will.

thismeintiel said:
Sure, the poll is fake. Or maybe it just doesn't show what you want it to.

Do people think Russia is important? Sure. At least as far as it comes to protecting America from them in general. They obviously don't give a shit about this collusion BS the Left keeps hoping will produce something, but never will.

"noone thinks the Russia collusion is the absolute most important thing facing America" and "They obviously don't give a shit about this collusion BS" are not the same thing. 

The poll isn't fake, but you are interpreting things from it it simply doesn't say. 


Numberwang, at this point it seems like you are making these heavily misleading, or some times just flat out inaccurate, political titles on purpose.
At times you don't even reply when people call you out on it. You just post them, and then bail. But at least this time you responded.

It's an effective strategy though because (unfortunately) a lot of people only read the headlines before forming an opinion or commenting.
But it's not really encouraging to see.

I see you're also arguing the definition of priority.
Which is dishonest as well, because the poll did not even include the word "priority". It asked people to state the most important problem the country is facing.

As others have pointed out, there's a difference between "a problem" and "most important problem".
Someone asking me to pick my most important problem does not mean that my other problems are no longer problems....

The fact that they ask people what they think is the "most important problem" by definition means that they are asking them to consider between multiple different problems.

Zorro fixed the title now.

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numberwang said:
sundin13 said:

Well, that would only be true if you could have only one priority, which isn't the case, hence why the phrase "top priority" is valid English and not simply redundant and common idioms such as "get your priorities straight" exist. Or even more simply, the fact that you can make the word plural... Pretty much everything on that list would be considered a priority, simply not the top priority.

You can look to definitions such as "a preferential rating" or "Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency" to show how the word "priority" can be used alongside multiple items or a list of items.

So yes, that title is still a lie (or I guess in your case just very bad English).

'Top priority' is a tautology as 'top' and 'prior' mean the same thing in two different languages (before, first, foremost). The implication of second or lower priorities is faulty language, even if some people (mis)use it in casual conversation.

Having multiple priorities isn't just something people misuse "in casual conversation", it is something that everybody uses everywhere. It is how the word is used and as such it is seen clearly in numerous dictionary definitions.

There is no argument to assert that priority cannot be plural or ranked.

Here is a Reuter's article about how 5G is a Priority for the Trump Administration: Do you think that they are in any way implying that 5G is the number one thing on their agenda?

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misleading and ultimately pointless thread.

Fixed the title up a bit.

The amount of times I've been called a Russian bot on YouTube comments is crazy and I never bring up or defend Putin. Literally a 5th generation Republican and mixed raced with my grandfather having an Uncle who was a Republican Judge in the city of Philadelphia. But support Trump and obviously you are a Russian bot...maybe they just say that because they don't have good arguments to counter with so it's a nice cop out. 

Reminds of when Saddam had elections in Iraq and got 100% of the votes. I don't need to look any further than the title to know this article is BS.